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The Monday Morning Mashup: Getting Beyond “Hyper-V because It’s Free”, “Fed-Up VMware Fires Back”

A blog series for VMware champions and customers


Getting Beyond “Hyper-V because It’s Free!”

Microsoft’s #1 message for why customers should evaluate Hyper-V is “it’s free” or “it’s much cheaper than VMware.” When asked, I’ve always encouraged customers to examine the facts for themselves based on their specific business needs and figure out what the real overall cost will be for that specific customer at the end of the day.

Therefore, it was very refreshing to see someone else go beyond Microsoft’s superficial “It’s Free!” slogan. TechTarget recently published a 4-part series on comparing the cost of VMware vs. Microsoft. While TechTarget calls out some areas of concern about VMware's pricing and costs, it’s also abundantly clear from their analysis that Microsoft’s virtualization and cloud offering is not free. Take a look at their analysis for yourself.

Ultimately, customers need to look at a more holistic, total picture of cost, beyond the upfront virtualization license acquisition cost, and factor in other important cost components, such as management license costs, support costs, operational costs, and impact from virtual machine density differences.

p.s. TechTarget is running several readers poll as part of their series. As of Monday morning, it’s nice to see VMware well ahead in several of the results.

Best_value_hypervisor Better_private_cloud

CRN article: “Fed-Up VMware Fires Back At Microsoft's Virtualization Trash Talk"

CRN noticed the new “Get the Facts” webpage and wrote an article on it. If you haven’t seen it yet, “Get the Facts” is a new resource for VMware champions and customers to hear from VMware about competitive claims. Check it out when you get a chance: http://www.vmware.com/getthefacts

p.s. And speaking of being fed-up, here is one user’s experience working with Hyper-V Server 2012 RC… “Standalone Hyper-V is too painful to use


“One today is worth two tomorrows” – Benjamin Franklin

Amid all of the talk of Windows Server 2012 and the coming release of Hyper-V, it can get awfully confusing about what is actually here today and what is coming in the future. Well, let’s clear that up a bit.

SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE: General availability of Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V.

SOME TIME IN THE FURTHER FUTURE: A release of System Center 2012 that will support all of the new features in Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V.

TODAY: As part of the Cloud Computing World Forum being held in London this week, VMware vSphere 5 was selected Best Virtualization Solution in the 2012 Cloud Computing World Series. Like the many other awards won by vSphere over the years, this award helps validate vSphere as the market-leading, most proven and trusted virtualization platform available.

TODAY: Real customers are running vSphere 5 in production. For example:

TODAY: Real customers, representing various industries and company sizes, are running real private, public, and hybrid clouds on vSphere and vCloud Director.

Ducati Ducati Runs Their Private Cloud on VMware:
“Private cloud is already a reality in Ducati. Over our private cloud, we supply services to all our commercial subsidiaries. We supply services to our assembly plant in Thailand or to our racing team at racing venues. So private cloud is already a reality.” –Daniel Bellini, CIO, Ducati Motor Holding
  CharlesRiverLabs Charles River Labs Deploys a Business-Critical App in a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“I see Cloud being key to our overall strategy moving forward. The days of us investing heavily all of our capital into building hardware and infrastructure are past now. With the options that are available now from cloud partners, they bring agility, flexibility and in some case cost savings as well, for using that model." –Steven Spiers, CTO, Charles River Labs
NDI National Democratic Institute Gains Application Reusability with a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“VMware vCloud Director helps us better serve our users, including those in developing countries. We can configure virtual servers, point to URLs, and fire up applications within a matter of minutes. It’s less costly for us and less time-consuming, and because it’s a virtualized deployment, the hosting costs are also low.” — Chris Spence, Chief Technology Officer, National Democratic Institute
Oxford Oxford University Delivers DBaaS with a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“Access to information is critical to maintain our position as the world’s top university and we needed a flexible, scalable infrastructure. After doing our own research, we decided a Hybrid Cloud as best suited to our requirements. The vCloud datacentre service combined with Colt’s pedigree in information delivery, was the natural choice for us.” –Dr. Stuart Lee, Director of IT, University of Oxford

For more stories on how customers are going to the cloud with VMware (today), visit Another VMware Cloud and the Public Cloud Diaries.

vSphere and vCloud Director are battle-tested solutions supporting some of the world’s most important and challenging workloads. As proven cloud solutions, the list of companies using VMware for the cloud continues to grow, making today a reality and tomorrow come a lot sooner.


The Monday Morning Mashup: VMware at Microsoft TechEd, New “Get the Facts” Webpage, Why Customers Chose VMware

A blog series for VMware champions and customers


VMware at Microsoft TechEd this Week

The VMware business critical applications team is exhibiting at Microsoft TechEd in Hot-lando, Florida, this week. They are there to connect with the many satisfied VMware-Microsoft customers who’ve virtualized their Windows and Microsoft applications on VMware vSphere and VMware View. In our last annual customer survey, greater than 50% of all SQL and Exchange instances in VMware customers are already virtualized on VMware, and 70% of SharePoint instances are virtualized. The percentages keeps going higher and higher every year!

If you’ll be at TechEd this week, come and visit the VMware team at the TechExpo booth 2137.


Get the Facts, Not the Microsoft Hyper-bole

When you’re the leader, everyone else compares themselves to you and claims about you. To all the VMware champions out there, there’s a new place to go to hear from VMware about these competitive claims. http://www.vmware.com/getthefacts/microsoft


Companies Share Why They Chose VMware

Want to hear why companies big and small continue to choose VMware? Check out these recent customer case studies where customers share their reasons for choosing VMware after evaluating other offerings.

Acxiom (6,000 employees)

“After researching virtualization vendors, Acxiom choose VMware due to the maturity of VMware’s solution portfolio. ‘We looked at all the add-on features and saw that, hands down, VMware offers the most complete and robust set of offerings—including VMware vShield™, since security is so important to us,’ says Brandon Nelson, Acxiom Team Leader and Systems Engineer.”

NYSE Euronext (3000 employees)

“…prior to architecting its Capital Markets Community Platform, the company analyzed available solutions to validate its selection of virtualization technology. The VMware cloud infrastructure suite emerged as the clear winner on every criterion NYSE Technologies identified. It is the world’s leading virtualization layer. All of the company’s major clients are comfortable with VMware. And VMware’s vision—to enable highly reliable infrastructure environments for mission-critical applications, along with complete user self-service access—dovetailed with NYSE Technologies’ vision for its new cloud offering.”

SEGA Europe (3000 employees)

“When deciding upon our cloud strategy we felt it was crucial to use an environment we were familiar with end-to-end. We were already very happy and comfortable with VMware technology, and because of its standardised cloud approach and the close integration with COLT which has such a wide data centre footprint globally, we had the perfect fit.” –Francis Hart, Systems Architect, Sega Europe

Myron F. Steves and Company (200 employees)

“The first virtualization platform they tested was Microsoft Hyper-V. They found the technology cumbersome. ‘It took us a month to get it working,’ says Tim Moudry, Associate Director of IT, Myron Steves, adding that a high-maintenance solution wasn’t an option. ‘Ten years ago, we had around 13 IT people on staff. Today we have six, and we’re supporting the same number of employees.’ Then they tried VMware vSphere. ‘Within two days, it was fully functional,’ Moudry notes.”

ParetoLogic (150 employees)

“’We considered other server virtualization platforms during our exploratory process,’ Brian Vizina, IT Manager at ParetoLogic says, ‘but security is a big concern for us and we felt that the secure foundation on which VMware’s ESXi platform is built upon, the ease of deployment and management, plus the number of applications per host density VMware offers made them the obvious choice,’ Brian also stated, ‘VMware is the brand that large and medium-size companies—in serious need of reliable virtual systems—choose. Beyond that, VMware solutions present remarkable benefits and are proven to be easy to integrate with most existing IT platforms.’”