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2010 – Another Great Year for VMware and Our Customers

The film industry awards season is just reaching its peak, but the software industry’s own Oscars for 2010 have been handed out and VMware finished up with another great year.  Here’s a sampling of the recognition VMware received from the IT trade press in 2010:

Those same members of the technical press had some very nice things to say about VMware and our products in 2010:

  • “Microsoft won’t come anywhere close to leapfrogging VMware in 2010” – Redmondmag.com
  • “VMware is in fact leaps and bounds ahead of competitors” – InfoWorld
  • “…the ESX feature set is substantially more mature…VMware remains the champ.” – InformationWeek

and my favorite…

  • “VMware is the king of virtualization. There is none higher.” – TechTarget

The analysts also directed much praise our way in 2010.  Gartner came out with their eagerly anticipated Magic Quadrant for x86 server virtualization and one look at the upper right corner of the chart would warm the heart of any IT manager who selected vSphere to be the foundation of his company’s virtualization and cloud efforts.  In December, I was in attendance at Gartner’s annual Data Center Conference where audience polls showed 87% of attendees were using VMware as their primary x86 virtual machine solution in 2010 – only 2% were using the nearest competitor.  Even better, when asked which virtualization provider they would be using in 2015, the Gartner attendees picked VMware by a 5:1 margin over the nearest alternative.

One thing our customers can find especially satisfying from this recognition is it points out how they made the right choice with VMware.  Whenever a customer invests in enterprise software, they want assurance that they will see steady improvements – big and small – in their chosen product.  In the case of VMware vSphere, our users have really won the lottery.  For almost ten years, each update and major release of our vSphere product family has rewarded our customers with improvements in performance and scalability as well as a steady stream of new capabilities – things like Storage vMotion, Fault Tolerance and Distributed Switches.  I imagine our early adopters who selected ESX or VMware Infrastructure are feeling pretty good about how their decision was rewarded.

But 2010 is behind us and we’re now focused on investments in upcoming waves of VMware products.  Our current customers and customers-to-be can feel assured that we’re working to keep up our pace of innovation (and recognition!) on into 2011 and beyond.