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VMware Safe Passage Program for Virtual Iron Customers – Two Weeks Left!

This is the Last Post on The VMware Safe Passage Program for Virtual Iron

Everyone – just a quick reminder that we are still planning to end the VMware Safe Passage Program for Virtual Iron on September 30, 2009.  That means stranded Virtual Iron customers have only two weeks left to take advantage of the substantial discounts offered on VMware solutions – a 40% discount on license list price!

All you need is proof of a Virtual Iron support contract and you are qualified.  We’ve even provided technical documentation to enable you to easily convert your Virtual Iron instance into a VMware infrastructure, so you’ll be enjoying the stability and performance of the award-winning, enterprise proven vSphere platform in no time. 

Here’s How to Order

Full program details are available at the Virtual Iron Safe Passage Promotion website. Contact safepassage@vmware.com or your VMware reseller for more information.

 But Wait There’s More?

mighty-puttyIf you call now, we might even throw in some Mighty Putty!  — Actually…you could give the Mighty Putty to your friends who are trying Hyper-V.  Maybe it could help them patch all the vulnerabilities in Hyper-V’s large Windows Server 2008 parent partition!!  …wait did I write that out loud?

Thanks again to all the new VMware customers who have taken advantage of this promotion.  Based on its success, we’ll be rolling out a number of these types of offers in the near future, so stay tuned – it’s just a shame that Billy Mays isn’t around anymore.  And yes, the Mighty Putty comment was an attempt at a joke…in reality, it would never be able to fully patch Hyper-V + Windows Server 2008 🙂

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