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VMware Safe Passage for Virtual Iron: Where do my Virtual Iron Licenses Go?

 First of all, Thanks! and Welcome!

I want to first say thank-you and welcome to all the new VMware customers who have taken advantage of the VMware Safe Passage offer for stranded Virtual Iron customers.  The response has been very overwhelming!  I hope you are all having a good experience with your transition to VMware – technically it is a pretty straightforward process – we’ve even created this nifty KB article to help, located here:  Using VMware Converter to convert Virtual Iron Machines to VMware virtual machines

Use Virtual Iron as Long as You Need to Before Migrating to VMware vSphere

But the main motivation for this post was to answer a question that we’ve gotten from a number of organizations that are interested in pursuing the Safe Passage program – "What happens to my Virtual Iron licenses when I buy VMware?"  Well, the short answer is "Nothing".   I guess people were thinking that they’d have to immediately stop using Virtual Iron, but that’s not the case.  We’re not requiring that anyone complete a Certificate of Destruction for the Virtual Iron software or accept any other terms necessitating that you discontinue use of that product.  Every organization that purchases VMware solutions through the Safe Passage program can continue to use the Virtual Iron software for as long as required, enabling them to migrate to VMware vSphere on their own time table, when it best meets their requirements.  No pressure whatsoever, just an excellent discount on an excellent product – if I don’t say so myself.  Hope that helps.

But Our Time is Running Out

For those of you still considering the offer, get virtually moving! You’ve got until the end of September. Please feel free to email any other questions to the VMware Safe Passage team at safepassage@vmware.com .  You can also find more information on the promotion at the following link: http://www.vmware.com/landing_pages/safe-passage-promotion.html

Stay Classy San Diego,