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UPDATE: Chris Wolf Blog Post – Oracle Now Fully Supports Non-Oracle x86 Hypervisors

UPDATE May 20, 2009 – Oracle again revised its support policy for virtualization of its software on a non-Oracle hypervisor.  Please refer to Chris Wolf’s follow up post on the topic for the complete details, but in sum Oracle slightly altered the text in its Metalink Note 794016.1 to remove mention of specific hypervisors that are “not explicitly certified, but supported” as a platform for Oracle products. 

The bottom line however is that VMware ESX is still a supported Oracle platform.  Oracle Metalink document 294212.1 still reigns supreme – it is still in effect, it has not been modified, and it still explicitly defines Oracle’s support policies for VMware virtualized environments.  It is on the basis of this document that VMware customers continue to deploy Oracle on VMware with confidence.


May 8, 2009

I had to post a short pointer to a blog post by esteemed Burton Group analyst, Chris Wolf ,because it might contain information that could make life a lot easier for our the thousands of VMware customers that run Oracle applications in a VMware virtual environment. 

Chris recently wrote on his on his personal blog, that with Oracle Metalink Note 794016.1, (which can be viewed with an Oracle Support account), “Oracle now offers best effort support for all of its E-Business Suite applications on any x86 hypervisor.”

…and of course VMware ESX is included in that group “any x86 hypervisor”

Chris then provides some quotes from the Metalink note, which I have pilfered recreated below:


This Metalink Note appears to say that 1) Hypervisors from VMware are officially  supported platforms for Oracle E-Business Applications and 2) Organizations running Oracle applications in those environments are entitled to best effort support from Oracle.

So VMware customers, this sounds like great news!  Oracle really DOES offer “best effort support” for VMware solutions!  Virtualize On!

Read the news straight from Oracle on its E-Business Suite Technology Blog.