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Is Microsoft Urging Their Partners to Stretch the Truth?

After catching Microsoft in the act of removing a layer of the Hyper-V architecture to back up their claims that VMware vSphere somehow “taxes” users with extra layers, it now appears that their partners are making unfounded derogatory statements about VMware while posing as VMware partners. If you haven’t seen it, ChannelWeb published an article this week titled, “Microsoft Continues To Rain On VMware's Parade”. In the article, after a repetition of “the additional layer theory” by David “substrate” Greschler, director of Microsoft virtualization and management, you will find a quote by Rand Morimoto, president of Convergent Computing, who is quoted as saying:

More and more of our customers are switching over from VMware to Hyper-V because Hyper-V uses a familiar interface, works out of the box and is included in the organization's existing licensing agreement."

The original version of the article identified Convergent Computing as a, “solution provider that partners with both Microsoft and VMware.” (CMP has since revised their article. It now says the company is a, “solution provider that has a staff of consultants with expertise in Hyper-V and VMware.”) Our partner team at VMware saw the article and immediately told us that Convergent Computing is NOT a VMware partner at all. That set off some alarms, so we followed Rand Morimoto on Twitter to see what else he had to say that might clear up the mystery. When we found him, we discovered he is essentially a Microsoft spokesperson who has even a Microsoft badge…check it out:

Rand Morimoto

If Rand is close enough to Microsoft to be issued a badge, we don’t think his comments about VMware users should be accepted as truth, especially when he provides no examples of customers who have supposedly made the switch to Hyper-V. The subterfuge didn’t fool us and it also didn’t fool the CMP readers, one of whom left this comment to the article:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rand Morimoto, president of Convergent Computing who is quoted in this article, for around 18 years (we both served on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council and were Microsoft MVPs, and ran neighboring Novell Platinum shops before that).  While Rand is a brilliant and accomplished technologist as well as concert pianist, former gymnast, really nice guy and all around Renaissance man, one thing his organization is not is VMware certified.  This article makes it seem as if CCO is an unbiased partner of both Microsoft and VMware, but CCO credentials are 100% on the Microsoft side.“

Now that we’ve seen that the reference partners Microsoft trots out for the press can’t be trusted, let’s go back to talking about real technology instead.

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