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Why Choose VMware: The Website

The Link:   http://www.vmware.com/technology/whyvmware/

What’s Real and What’s Noise?

I think we’d all agree that there is currently a whole lot of noise in the virtualization space.  With the recent explosion of virtualization entrants, each one claiming to offer a complete, proven, production ready enterprise virtualization solution that is “good enough/better/cheaper/easier/faster/more secure/more scalable/tastes great/less filling than VMware, it is downright deafening. In one corner we’ve got Microsoft execs claiming that their first generation hypervisor is “1/3 the cost of VMware(Note: Our response here), and even the long dormant Red Hat recently erupted to tell everyone that with Qumranet they can now run more VMs per host than VMware VI3 (Note: I didn’t see any data to support that claim, but of course someone reported on it).  With everyone shouting over everyone else, each claiming to be better than or equal to VMware , I am going deaf over here!

And I am sure it is getting very difficult for those evaluating a virtualization solution to tell the facts from the marketing.  Given all the noise, how can anyone determine who actually has a solution that can be deployed today and who is merely marketing a vision (dream?) that may or may not be realized anytime soon?  How can anyone cut through the clatter and make a confident, sound decision on a virtualization platform to support both current and future virtualization requirements?  

Here’s Our Story – One Complete Picture of Our Competitive Differentiation

To make your decision easier, we wanted to make sure that at the very least, you had a complete understanding of our side of the story. We wanted you to have a single location from which to obtain the entire picture, all the facts, on VMware’s product differentiation,  so we created the “Why Choose VMware” website.  Our goal was to clearly and succinctly articulate why we feel that that 1) VMware is the only vendor that actually does have the complete, robust, production proven virtualization solution that can meet your current virtualization requirements today and can support you in the future as your IT needs evolve and 2) All other offerings fall short of meeting even basic virtualization requirements.  How’s that for succinct? 🙂

Just for background on the site’s material, we met with customers, partners, and analysts to determine what they felt was important when considering a virtualization solution; on this site, we make our case for how we match up to those requirements.   I won’t repeat the whole argument here, but in summary, we articulate how VMware’s solutions meet the following conditions:

  1. Is built on a robust, proven foundation
  2. Delivers a platform for shared IT services
  3. Provides a complete solution for virtualization management
  4. Supports your entire IT infrastructure
  5. Is proven across tens of thousands of customer deployments.

And yes we also address cost – and show why VMware solutions offer the lowest cost per application of any virtualization solution – even when compared to those that claim to be free.

I do apologize however…

While we did try, the next releases of VMware products will NOT be “moist and chewy like cake”. I wouldn’t recommend trying to “eat them while you work”.  I extend our sincerest apologies.  Oh well, at least we have live migration.