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Yankee Group rescinds own report, but Microsoft continues to distribute it…

VMware met with Yankee Group to provide our feedback on the factual inaccuracies in the report "Virtualization Price War: VMware’s Little Big Horn?". We did this around the same time we put up our blog posting summarizing the issues point-by-point. Yankee Group understood our concerns, agreed to do a revision to address the issues, and promptly took down the original report from its website several weeks ago.

Because of the factual inaccuracies in the report, Yankee Group also committed to requesting that Microsoft, who had purchased distribution rights to the report, cease distributing the original report. However, three weeks after our discussion with Yankee Group and three weeks after Yankee Group pulled the report from its website, Microsoft still continues distributing the report, such as in the Microsoft Virtualization Newsletter that just went out on 4/2/2008.

I wonder why Microsoft would continue distributing a report as marketing material, when the author, Yankee Group has rescinded the report…

One thought on “Yankee Group rescinds own report, but Microsoft continues to distribute it…

  1. Daniel M.

    To this day we can read these claims unchallenged!
    “…Yankee Group does an admirable job of portraying a segment of the software market that is ripe for change due to the presence of Oracle/BEA, Red Hat, Citrix, Novell, Virtual Iron, open source alternatives … and of course Microsoft.”
    “I was just reading Yankee Group’s report – “Virtualization Price War: VMware’s Little Big Horn?”, and just had to share this with you (I think it speaks for itself) If you haven’t got access to the report (which we didn’t pay for – before you ask), just ask & I’ll get you a copy.”
    Or simply download it yourself at:
    So let me see if I understand this…
    1) Buy FUD so outrageous it has to be pulled. For extra comedic affect make sure the report is done by the same “analyst” who’s been shilling for the nearly-bankrupt SCO Group.
    2) Pull *.microsoft.com links to the document down, but keep it deep linked and available to search engines.
    3) Get referred to by several Microsoft corporate blogs.
    4) Call another think-tank (or have them approach you) to arrange the next corporate drive-by shooting; back to Step 1.
    I believe this speaks volumes about Microsoft’s standard operating procedure regarding competition, and how analyst think tanks like the Yankee Group operate.

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