Whether you are just getting started with vSAN or want to take a deeper technical dive, our experts answer common questions and suggest best practices to maximize your storage solution in these recorded webcasts. Watch at your own pace, download the slide deck, and submit questions to the vSAN experts.

New! vSpeaking Podcast Series

Learn even more about VMware’s storage and availability solutions from the pros in our new weekly podcast series, vSpeaking.

What’s New in vSAN 6.7?

In this webinar, Duncan Epping will go over some of the major enhancements in vSAN 6.7. On top of that, Duncan will give you a peek in to the future of VMware vSAN Hyper-Converged Infrastructures by demoing some potential future functionality. Watch the replay.

DRaaS with VMware Site Recovery Manager for VMware Cloud on AWS

In this webcast, we will take a deep dive into the capabilities and use cases for VMware Site Recovery – a managed, vSphere-based infrastructure that protects workloads between on-premises datacenters and VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as between different instances of VMware Cloud on AWS. We’ll provide operational guidance for VMware Site Recovery, answer your questions in a live Q & A, and provide technical insight to help you solve some of your most common DR challenges. Watch the replay.

Plan Your Data Center Transformation

Learn why it’s important to continue evolving to a software-defined data center that extends to public cloud with automated deployment and management, and how you can adapt your organization’s existing infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow. Watch the replay.

Demonstrating Performance Characteristics of Business-Critical Applications on vSAN

Featured Speaker: Pete Koehler

Business critical applications are an important category of application types that are common powered by VMware vSphere, and vSAN. Get a glimpse into performance capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and next generation distributed applications all running on vSAN. Attendees will get an understanding of performance and consistency characteristics when selecting various performance, protection, and storage efficiency settings through storage policy-based management.

Getting More Out of vSAN: Deploy and Operate Series

As you evolve your IT infrastructure to meet future needs, your VMware vSAN deployment and operations needs to be as seamless as possible. These 60-90 minute technical sessions are led by VMware experts and provide tutorials, use cases, tips and tricks for working with vSAN. This is your go-to place for all past webinar sessions.

The Future of Server Technology

When it comes to your server room or datacenter, organizations have more options than ever. If you’re planning a refresh or a new build out, where do you even know where to start?

Join us for another Expert Roundtable where vendor experts set aside their individual sales pitches to get you the advice you need. We’ll be joined by experts from VMware, Scale Computing, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What we’re discussing:

  • From all in one solutions to dedicated appliance, what’s right for your workload
  • Is it a fad or here to stay, what’s on it’s way out, and what may be coming?
  • Rethinking your virtual environment: In-house vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid

Watch the Replay

Getting More Out of vSAN: Troubleshooting 

Featured Speakers: Bradley Mott, Manager, VMware Support for vSAN VMware

As systems become more hyper-converged, it can be hard to know where to start looking when something goes wrong. This first ‘Getting More Out of vSAN’ webcast of Q2 will guide you through managing and troubleshooting your vSAN deployment.

As you evolve your IT infrastructure, vSAN deployment and operations need to be as seamless as possible. Join this session to learn how you can improve your vSAN expertise.

Watch the Replay

Modernize Your Data Center to Accelerate Digital Transformation 

Featured Speakers: Muneyb Minhazuddin, Vice President of Solutions Product Marketing 

Organizations around the world are experiencing a major shift as business goes digital. This digital transformation is reshaping the way enterprises operate, and opening the doors to new opportunities. Traditional, hardware-centric data centers can’t keep up with the faster pace. The digital economy requires a modern, software-defined data center that can securely extend to the public cloud.

In the webcast we’ll explore

  •  The business needs pressuring IT for faster delivery of IT services
  •  The case for evolving to a highly virtualized, automated, software-defined data center
  •  Use case benefits of a virtualized, automated environment

Watch the Replay

How CenturyLink Modernized Their Infrastructure with vSAN 

Featured Speakers: Nilan Shakya. Sr. Lead System Engineer, CenturyLink Cloud; Anita Kibunguchy, Product Marketing Manager, Storage & Availability, VMware; Matt Ronsman, Global Solutions Consultant, VMware

With 12.5 PB of storage deployed across 16 data centers in four continents, CenturyLink is one of the world’s largest cloud hosting and infrastructure providers. To keep up with their cloud customers’ rapidly growing demands, CenturyLink chose VMware vSAN to modernize their storage infrastructure. In this webcast, you’ll learn why vSAN was the right solution for their needs, how it allowed them to leverage their existing infrastructure and how they reduced their CapEx costs by more than 50%. With vSAN, CenturyLink now has the scalability and flexibility to quickly respond to changing business needs, and a solid foundation for their hyper-converged infrastructure.

Radically simplify your data center and deliver low cost and high-performance Hyper-Converged Infrastructure powered by VMware® vSAN and Intel® Xeon® processors, SSDs and NICs. Watch the Replay 

Deep Dive into What’s New in vSAN 6.6 

Featured Speakers: Jase McCarty, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, Storage & Availability, VMware

Come learn the technical details of the latest, innovative features in VMware vSAN that are helping customers accelerate their path to a modern, secure infrastructure. The momentum around vSAN is just getting started! With over 7,000 customers and multiple awards, it’s clear that vSAN is the industry-leading software to power hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions.

In this session, learn how vSAN will help your digital transformation to a fully software-defined data center for 2017 and beyond. We’ll take a deep dive into the brand-new features of just-released vSAN 6.6 which include: the first native HCI security, enhanced stretched clusters with local protection, intelligent operations, and 30% higher performance. We’ll also share the insight gained from our recently concluded vSAN beta program where you, our IT user community, tested out features and capabilities around the themes of security, protection, and management. Plus, learn how to better secure your data center, a top IT priority, and how you can accelerate your deployment of cutting edge flash technology. Watch the Replay 

What’s New in vSAN 6.6 

Featured Speakers: Lee Caswell, VP Storage & Availability, VMware; Michael Haag, Group Manager, Storage & Availability, VMware; Vahid Fereydouny, Sr. Product Line Manager, Storage & Availability

The evolution to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) continues to accelerate, and vSAN is leading the charge. In this webcast, you’ll learn about the future of vSAN and how you can benefit from deploying it as a key step towards an agile, software-defined data center.

This webcast will include:

  • Latest product feature reviews
  • Valuable insights from the vSAN beta program
  • A live Q&A with vSAN experts.

Attend and learn how vSAN delivers greater protection, higher efficiency and lower costs for your hyper-converged infrastructure. Watch the Replay

Gain Visibility into Key Data Center Metrics

Featured Speaker: Pete Koehler, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Storage & Availability VMware

Without a clear view into critical data center metrics, efficient operation and optimization can be a daunting task. VMware’s software defined data center solutions enable you to gain visibility and control in order to increase productivity and simplify your operations. In this webcast, we’ll explore how vSAN’s integration into vCenter provides for a unified control and management plane for day to day operation and troubleshooting of an environment powered by a software defined storage (SDS) solution like vSAN. Learn some tips on how to use metrics in vCenter to better understand your workloads. Also take a look at how vRealize can take interpreting these results to the next level by providing best in class analytics of this data.  Watch the Replay

Getting Started with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Featured Speaker: Anita Kibunguchy, Product Marketing Manager, Storage & Availability VMware

Business is moving faster than ever—and enterprise IT departments are struggling to keep up. Organizations need apps to run faster and more reliably, provision without the hassle, and scale on-demand while staying in budget. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) makes all of that possible. Join us for the webcast to get a closer look at HCI, and find out how it can transform your data center. You’ll learn about: The evolution of the modern data center; What HCI is and the case for a software-defined approach; The tangible—and intangible—benefits of HCI; How HCI works in the real world.  Watch the Replay

Getting More out of vSAN: Monitoring & Troubleshooting for the vSAN Administrator 

Featured Speakers: Pete Koehler, Sr Technical Marketing Manager, Storage & Availability VMware; Swaroop Dutta, Director, Product Management, Storage & Availability VMware

In Session 4, we’ll help you understand the differences between vSAN and legacy storage monitoring and troubleshooting, and the management boundaries of vSAN based distributed storage. We’ll show you two key built-in troubleshooting resources – vSAN Health Service and vSAN Performance Service – and describe how to make these and other supplementary tools a part of your everyday vSAN operations. Finally, we’ll review how to minimize real and perceived issues by modifying your operational practices to incorporate vSAN’s simple management features including SBPM as well as host and network maintenance. Watch the Replay

Getting More out of vSAN: Sizing & Design Guidance for the vSAN Architect

Featured Speakers: Jase McCarty, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware; Rakesh Radhakrishnan Nair, Group Product Manager, vSAN, VMware

In Session 3, we’ll take a look at the mechanics of vSAN and how it differs from legacy storage, and provide clear guidance on what is necessary to successfully deploy it. We’ll also discuss key factors at other layers of the HCI stack, including cluster types, host design, and sizing, which are necessary for a healthy solution. Finally, we’ll look at hybrid vs. all-flash considerations and show some of the different configuration and consumption models, including vSAN ready nodes and VxRail, that provide more flexible options when compared to legacy storage. Watch the Replay.

Getting More out of vSAN: Server & Network Hardware Design Guide

Featured Speakers: John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, Storage and Availability, VMware; Rakesh Radhakrishnan Nair, Group Product Manager, vSAN

Session 2 will outline the best options for server and network hardware design. For server design, we will cover form factors, how to choose the right HBA/RAID controller, all-flash vs. hybrid, CPU and memory overheads, and capacity planning. For network hardware, topics include switch performance and overall design concerns including NIOC vs. CNS. Watch the Replay

Getting More out of vSAN: vSAN Architecture & What’s New in 6.5

Featured Speakers: Jeff Hunter, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, Storage and Availability, VMware; Vijay Ramachandran, Senior Director, Product Management, Storage and Availability, VMware

Session 1 will give you a thorough overview of vSAN’s architecture, commonly used terms, and the benefits of its unique in-kernel design. Next, we will discuss vSAN 2-node and stretched cluster configurations and use cases. The webcast will conclude with insight into the new features of vSAN 6.5 including 2-node direct-connect, automation with PowerCLI, and iSCSI access for physical servers. Watch the Replay

5 Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Myths… Busted!

Featured Speakers: Michael Haag, Product Line Manager, Storage and Availability, VMware

Don’t let myths distract you from what you should be considering when choosing the right HCI! This includes a proven hypervisor in an integrated HCI stack, with reliability evident in its track record and usage. It also includes broad HCI use cases, that include business-critical apps, VDI, managed hosting platforms, microservices, and more. In this webcast, we will debunk some of the common myths around HCI, discuss what’s behind these misconceptions, and clarify how the right HCI solution leads to a simpler and more efficient way to manage your resources. Watch the Replay.

vExpert Panel Discussion: Empower Your Business with Hyper-Convergence & vSAN

Featured Speakers: Priya Shivakumar, Group Manager, Product Marketing, Storage and Availability, VMware; Greg Schulz, vExpert, Founder – Storage IO; AJ Kuftic, vExpert and VMware Architect

This enlightening vExpert roundtable discussion webcast will give you a solid understanding of HCI & vSAN, including realized benefits from hyper-convergence via vSAN, planning/implementation/troubleshooting, best practices, tools, tips & tricks, as well as real-world use cases. Watch the Replay.

Lowering TCO with VMware vSAN

Featured Speakers: Chanda Dani, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware

vSAN reduces the total cost of ownership by up to 50% by eliminating traditional hardware storage costs with intelligent software-defined storage that accelerates the shift to server economics, affordable flash, and the broadest selection of x86 platforms for HCI. Watch the Replay.

Deploying SPBM for Mixed Storage

Featured Speakers: Rawlinson Rivera

Learn how you can leverage the same storage policy based management framework across both HCI and traditional storage. Leverage vSAN and VVOLs for easy provisioning and management across mixed storage. Watch the Replay.

What’s New in vSAN 6.5

Featured Speakers: Jase McCarty, Ecosystem Development, Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware

Discover what’s new in vSAN 6.5, including iSCSI Access to support physical workloads, and the ability to connect two vSphere servers without expensive routers or switches. Watch the Replay.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure For Dummies

Featured Speakers: Anita Kibunguchy, Product Marketing Manager, Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware

Most enterprises have IT departments struggling to keep up the needs of today’s business for speed and efficiency. They need to figure out ways to make apps run faster, make provisioning easier, provide non-disruptive and rapid scaling, all at lower cost. Legacy infrastructure and existing processes can no longer keep up the new demands of the next-generation data center. Fortunately, hyper-converged infrastructure is able to solve this problem. Join us for this webcast to understand what hyper-converged infrastructure is and how it can transform your data center. You’ll learn about the evolution of the data center, the benefits of a hyper-converged infrastructure, and real-world success stories. Watch the Replay.

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Applications: Containers and VMware vSAN

The virtualization revolution of the past decade means organizations are well-positioned to evolve their current IT infrastructure to HCI and natively integrate compute, storage, and networking functions. The hypervisor-integrated architecture of vSAN provides numerous benefits for cloud-native applications, whether deployed alone or as the underlying storage services to Photon Platform. VMware vSAN focuses on addressing the unique requirements of cloud-native apps as we continue to accelerate the evolution to HCI with vSAN Watch this webcast replay and learn how HCI and new cloud-native applications are changing the approach to IT. Watch the Replay.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Megacast

Featured Speakers: Scott Lowe, Partner, ActualTech Media, David Davis, Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

Get in-depth knowledge about HCI and how it can transform the data center. Watch this replay and seize a unique opportunity to compare the different hyperconvergence architectures and approaches. Watch the Replay.

Webcast Series: 3 Approaches to Deploying a Hyper-Converged Solution

Featured Speakers: Michael Haag, Product Line Manager, Storage and Availability, VMware; Peter Keilty, VCP, vExpert, SE Manager for Software Defined Storage and Hyper Converged Software

Join us for the two-part webcast series to learn how to make VMware Virtual SAN design and sizing exercises even simpler with careful planning at the outset. In Part 1 of this two-part webcast, we’ll discuss three deployment options for Virtual SAN and criteria for evaluating which one is best for you—VxRail, Virtual SAN Ready Nodes, or “Build Your Own.” In Part 2 of this webcast, we’ll take a deeper look into sizing for performance vs. capacity-intensive workloads, sizing storage correctly for all-flash and hybrid, and much more. If you’re uncertain about how to size storage correctly in a Virtual SAN environment, this technical deep dive will help. Watch the Replay.

Building a Business Case for HCI and VMware vSAN

Featured Speaker: Anita Kibunguchy, Product Marketing Manager, Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware

Familiar with VMware Virtual SAN? Not sure whether it’s the right solution or whether you can justify its purchase? We’ll help you identify your infrastructure pain points so you can gain an understanding of how HCI and VSAN fits in your datacenter and helps you solve these challenges. We’ll also introduce you to practical tools like the VSAN Assesment and the TCO Calculator to help you get started with VSAN. Watch the Replay.

 VMware and Big Switch: Deploying VMware vSAN in minutes with Big Cloud Fabric

Featured Speakers: John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware, Arkadiy Shapiro, Principal

VSAN, VMware’s hyper-converged storage solution for SDDC, is seeing accelerated adoption as part of a market trend that Gartner predicts will see 80% growth to reach $2B TAM in 2016. Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) enables deployment of VMware VSAN in minutes in comparison to complex box-by-box networking. Register for this webinar to learn how BCF’s integration with vCenter brings unique advantages to VSAN environments and provides visibility for both networking and VSAN admins. Watch the Replay.

Is Your Hyperconverged Infrastructure Held Together by Duct Tape and Hay Wire?

Featured Speakers: Lee Caswell, VP of Products, VMware, Rob Commins, VP of Marketing, Tegile

Running virtualized workloads on prem and in the Cloud?  Need to consolidate?  If your hyper-converged infrastructure is held together by duct tape and hay wire, this webinar is for you. Find out before your peers about the hottest storage technologies to be showcased at VMworld 2016. Watch the Replay.

5 Myths on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure… Busted!

Featured Speaker: Michael Haag, Product Line Manager, Storage and Availability, VMware

Are you running into conflicting ideas about your hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) options? What can it really do? In this webcast, we’ll debunk common myths around HCI and discuss what you should consider, including choosing a hypervisor that’s proven in an integrated HCI stack, with reliability evident in its track record and usage. Watch the replay.

3 Approaches to Deploying a Hyper-Converged Solution – Sizing and Design Part 1

Featured Speakers: Michael Haag, Product Line Manager, Storage and Availability, VMware and Peter Keilty, VMware OCTO

Make VMware Virtual SAN design and sizing exercises even simpler with careful planning at the outset. In Part 1 of this two-part webinar, we’ll discuss three deployment options for Virtual SAN and criteria for evaluating which one is best for you—VxRail, Virtual SAN Ready Nodes, or “Build Your Own.” Watch the replay.

Spiceworks Stream – The Rules of RAID are Changing

Featured Speakers:John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

The rules of RAID are changing. During this Spiceworks webcast, discuss how the original rules of RAID came to be and why they may no longer apply, as well as how per-object RAID with vSAN can lower your risk as your storage capacity grows. Watch the replay.

Traditional Storage vs. HCI: The Storage Admin’s Perspective

Featured Speaker: Jase McCarty, Ecosystem Development – Storage and Availability Technical Marketing

Enough with the complexity and overprovisioning that plagues traditional storage management! Consider the advantages of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. For storage admins on the frontlines, offloading just one virtualized workload from SAN to Virtual SAN can save expensive SAN or NAS for higher value workloads. Find out how to lighten your load. Watch the replay.