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IndonesianCloud and VSAN


IT service providers can be some of the most demanding IT users on the planet. Why?  They serve very demanding customers.  And there are plenty of competitors doing similar things. Read more...

The Collapse Of Storage


 The storage industry is undergoing rapid structural change that’s not been seen in decades. My best soundbite is that storage is in the process of collapsing. Once a standalone topic, storage is clearly pulling away from our familiar model of external storage arrays, and disappearing into the fabric of servers and hypervisors. While we all Read more...

20+ Common vSAN Questions


VMware’s Virtual SAN radically simplifies storage in vSphere clusters. Even though the product has been available for about a year, we still continue to get all sorts of interesting questions. What follows are the list of interesting questions we encounter most often, along with quick answers. Read more...