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Get Help with Virtual SAN Sizing


Sizing a new cluster can be a challenging exercise, especially if you don’t know your workloads well. While we’ve always had decent rule-of-thumb estimators, there’s nothing as good as collecting real data and using the results to size your configuration. Read more...

Ten Things You Need To Know About VMware vSAN


Updated June 21, 2017 Here’s the headline: VMware vSAN fundamentally changes the way vSphere administrators do storage. It’s a new world. While there’s a ton of good material out there, we thought we’d boil things down to the bare essentials for all you busy IT professionals. Here’s what you need to know: 1. vSAN eliminates the need for Read more...

Oracle On VSAN 6


When VMware introduced VSAN 6, we were pretty clear: it’s a great fit for most anything that runs in a virtual machine, including critical databases. Read more...