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The Code Keepers: vSAN Native Encryption – Part 1


Overview vSAN 6.6 introduces encryption for data at rest. This is industry’s first native Hyper-converged-infrastucture security solution and fundamentally game changing because all the crypto operations happen at the hypervisor layer. This vastly simplifies planning, procurement, provisioning and management of encrypted clusters while minimizing performance penalty. More about this later in the blog. Given the Read more...

The Code Keepers: vSAN Native Encryption – Part 2


This blog is continuation from part-1.Part-1 provided an overview on vSAN Native Encryption. In this part, we will discuss use cases in context to managing encrypted vSAN cluster. Setting up domain of trust There are three parties involved in vSAN encryption – (1) Key Management Server or the KMS server (this is the entity that Read more...