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Using Webhooks and vRLI to Integrate vSAN Alerts with Slack


Introduction   When it comes to system administration and operations, we all know it can sometimes be tricky to get the visibility into your environments at the granularity and verbosity level that you want. No one wants a call at 3am to say a NIC flapped, unless, for example, it's happening across 10 hosts within Read more...

vSAN 6.7 – Introducing WSFC support on vSAN!


Introduction In vSAN 6.5 we introduced the concept of iSCSI targets hosted on a vSAN cluster. This allowed connection of physical hosts to a vSAN datastore to take advantage of SPBM and other vSAN features such as deduplication, compression, encryption and QoS for physical machines external to a virtualized cluster. This extended vSAN’s capabilities from Read more...
vSAN Adaptive Resync and Capacity Reporting I

vSAN Adaptive Resync and Capacity Reporting Improvements


With the release of vSAN 6.2 Patch 06, there are a few new features and bug fixes that you can take advantage of to simplify and automate operations. I am going to talk about two of those elements below: Adaptive Resync and Capacity Reporting improvements. Adaptive Resync: A new adaptive resync throttling mechanism has been Read more...

New vSAN Migration Guide Available!


Due to the number and variety of customers interested in, and indeed, deploying vSAN - questions come up all the time to do with migrations from existing infrastructures to a new one running on VMware vSAN, some of these are trivial, while others take a little planning. To make your migration journey to vSAN more Read more...