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New Whitepaper: How VMware vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture Reduces TCO and Improves Performance 

Organizations across all sizes and industries are becoming more digital. With the digitalization of business comes an explosion of applications and data, both essential for companies. Data has grown roughly 50% per year; thus, organizations have seen their storage needs grow to accommodate the explosion of data. In the data-driven world, fast and reliable storage and infrastructure are more critical than ever. 

IT budgets have struggled to keep up with data growth, leading IT leadership to analyze ways to reduce storage spend and meet the demands of data growth. Organizations are adopting Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) to lower storage spend through lower capital and operational costs. HCI combines computing, storage, and networking on a single system. This simplifies deployment and management, reduces costs, and increases scalability. By using HCI, organizations can eliminate the need for traditional storage arrays and instead use server hardware to create a shared storage infrastructure. HCI provides highly scalable, high-performance storage for virtualized environments to meet the demands of businesses today. 

Introduction of vSAN Express Storage Architecture 

VMware vSAN is VMware’s HCI solution. vSAN is an enterprise-class storage with features including high availability, data protection, and scalability, all while simplifying storage management and reducing costs. In August 2022, we introduced vSAN 8 with vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA), our next-generation storage platform, to help customers contend with IT infrastructure’s growing cost and complexity. vSAN Express Storage Architecture raises the bar for HCI performance, resiliency, and efficiency. 

VMware vSAN ESA’s architecture is designed to optimally leverage high-performance storage devices, providing up to 4x performance boost. Advanced algorithms enable up to 4x better compression, furthering storage efficiency and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). vSAN ESA features scalable, native snapshots for improved backups and enhancements that reduce fault domains and improve data durability and availability.

Compelling TCO Case for vSAN ESA 

In this whitepaper, we detail on benefits and demonstrate how this next-generation storage platform vSAN 8 with ESA can lower storage TCO in several common deployment types, focusing primarily on the capital costs difference between the previous generation of HCI powered by vSAN Original Storage Architecture (OSA) and the current generational HCI powered by vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA). 

Read our latest whitepaper, “Lower Infrastructure Costs with VMware vSAN 8 and vSAN Express Storage Architecture,” for a deep dive and discover how VMware vSAN 8 can lower hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) total cost of ownership through a variety of new capabilities and improved performance.  

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