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The Elephant In The Room: Addressing Ransomware Threats in Multi-Cloud Environments

Ransomware risk mitigation has long been a CIO priority, and it tops the CIO agenda as threats continue to escalate[1]. The path from cloud chaos to cloud smart is beset with challenges, making ransomware defense an imperative. First, there’s a growing attack surface caused by the increasingly larger volumes of data managed across distributed data centers, public clouds and edge devices. Second, attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making ransomware a lucrative activity with fileless attacks becoming more and more frequent. And finally, organizations deal with inconsistent operating models with distributed, siloed infrastructure and disjointed operations, which further broadens the opportunity window for cybercriminals to enter the environment.

Organizations worldwide should implement a zero-trust approach to ransomware defense, addressing these challenges by implementing solutions that will provide centralized visibility and control, advanced threat defense and recovery, and a frictionless operating experience.

Watch the video to learn how VMware NSX and VMware Ransomware Recovery will help you secure your multi-cloud environments and outplay cybercriminals as ransomware threats continue to rise.

With VMware, customers can leverage a single technology stack to protect their multi-cloud environments. VMware solutions provide

  • A consistent technology stack
  • Attractive TCO/Economics
  • Strong lateral security
  • Purpose-built ransomware recovery
  • Zero proprietary appliances, zero tickets and zero-trust

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[1] Wall Street Journal