Five Times a Winner! VMware vSAN wins CRN’s Product of the Year Award for Software Defined Storage

VMware is pleased to announce that VMware vSAN has won CRN’s Product of the Year in the Software Defined Storage category for 2022! This is the fifth time that vSAN has won the award since vSAN was introduced in 2014, and the first time that VMware vSAN+, our new, premier hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering which extends vSAN’s capabilities to deliver cloud-connected services, has won. VMware vSAN+ was introduced in July 2022 and has seen rapid adoption by enterprises globally.  We’re thankful for our partners’ recognition, and we’re excited to extend our leadership momentum.

CRN product of the year

CRN’s annual Products of the Year Awards are given to standout products and services that represent best-in-breed technological innovation and customer demand, among other criteria. CRN editors selected finalists in 30 technology categories from among products that were launched or updated from September 2021 to September 2022. CRN then asked solution providers to rate the products based on three subcategories. The survey received more than 5,000 product ratings from solution providers, and the product with the highest overall score in each category was named the winner.

Why VMware Believes vSAN+ was Selected as Product of the Year

Enterprises are choosing to keep many of their workloads on-premises or in private clouds for three key reasons: economics, performance and legal considerations.

Yet, customers want to bring more of the benefits of cloud to their data centers, including centralized management, reduced operational burden, developer-ready infrastructure and simple, flexible payment models. With vSAN+, customers can take the next step by connecting their core data center and edge deployments to the cloud.

vSAN+ connects all vCenter instances (at the customer’s discretion) to VMware Cloud for centralized management via the Cloud Console. The cloud console displays a customer’s entire HCI estate and can centrally monitor events, alerts, resource capacity, and identify unaddressed security deficiencies. Customers can also update vCenter instances with minimal impact, and in just a few minutes, reducing the operational effort and maintenance window required.

In addition to the admin services available via the Cloud Console, vSAN+ customers will have access to a rapidly expanding library of cloud services to benefit their on-premises environments. For instance, customers will be able to easily protect and recover mission-critical applications, leveraging native integration with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, on-demand ransomware recovery and disaster recovery as-a-service. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an add-on service to vSAN+.

Finally, vSAN+ is purchased as a subscription, which can help organizations shift from a CAPEX to OPEX consumption model and reduce large, up-front purchases. 

Other vSAN Innovations Included in vSAN+

vSAN+ is VMware’s premier HCI offering and includes all of the latest innovations introduced with vSAN 8, including vSAN Express Storage Architecture.

vSAN Express Storage Architecture delivers optimized performance, supreme efficiency, high resilience, and agile operations on your next-generation storage devices. vSAN improves performance up to 4x with optimized data handling, intelligent I/O traffic management and RAID-1 performance with RAID-6 efficiency. Customers can experience greater efficiency resulting in 40% lower total cost of ownership with up to 70% extra capacity freed up from enhanced compression, every device contributing to capacity and adaptive RAID-5 down to as few as 3 nodes. vSAN ESA boosts resilience with the introduction of storage pools (and the elimination of disk groups) to reduce fault domains as well as introduces native, high-performance snapshots with up to 100x faster operations.

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