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Join Us at VMware Explore 2022 Europe for These Can’t-Miss Core Storage Sessions 

Join us at VMware Explore Europe for sessions highlighting the latest in VMware vSphere storage. At VMware Explore US, we announced vSphere 8 to help organizations embrace the cloud and maximize workload performance anywhere. vSphere 8 offers a handful of enhanced features related to core storage.  

For example, vSphere 8 introduces NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) over Fabrics (NVMeoF) support for vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols). Storage partners and the industry are moving toward NVMe arrays because NVMeoF provides better performance and lower latency over typical SCSI. NVMeoF support allows customers to both leverage performance storage arrays and manage them in a vVols datastore in vCenter. And we even simplified the setup of NVMe in vVols to make improving your storage performance that much easier.  

In addition to support for NVMeoF, vVols in vSphere 8 supports additional namespaces, paths and improves vMotion performance. But vVols is not the only feature our team has been busy with. vSphere 8 also includes VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) provisioning storage policy for cloud-native storage, as well as NFS (Network File System) resiliency improvements.  

Want to learn more about the new features? Check out these two sessions at VMware Explore Europe in November.  

VMware Explore Europe sessions demonstrate vSphere core storage enhancements in action 

The new vSphere release is great and not just for the core storage enhancements. But you do not have to take our word for it. At VMware Explore Europe, these sessions will show you how vSphere 8 makes performant storage a breeze.  

Breakout Session: 

Active-active stretched cluster vVol support with VMware and Pure Storage [CEI2833EURS] 

Wednesday, 9 Nov | 11:00 – 11:30 CET  

Resilience is key no matter what your cloud infrastructure looks like. To learn how to achieve storage resilience, join us for this session about the benefits of stretched clusters. Attendees will get a tech preview and learn about how stretched clusters can help balance VMs (virtual machines) and application workloads between geographically separated datacenters. They will learn how this approach offers non-disruptive workload mobility, enabling migration of services between geographically close sites without the need for sustaining an outage.  

The demo will not stop there. Join to learn why stretched clusters SDDCs also offer an availability strategy to customers by providing the SDDC with an extra layer of resiliency in the event of host-level failures within the cluster or with AZ-level failures within the region.  

How can you realize this sort of resilience? By attending this session and by leveraging a joint solution between Pure Storage and VMware using vSphere Virtual Volumes, which the session will discuss. 

Meet the Expert:

Ask the Expert About NVMeoF [CEIM1641EUR]

Tuesday, 8 Nov | 15:30 -16:00 CET

Wednesday 9 Nov | 11:30-12:00 CET

All-flash arrays are taking over as the standard, and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) is the best way to optimize their performance. Learn from the expert, Staff Technical Marketing Architect Jason Massae, about how to get the most out of your all-flash array using NVMeoF.

Hands-on Labs Self-Paced Lab:  

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management [SPL-HOL-2205-05-HCI]  

Learn the basics and advanced features of vVols all in one hands-on lab! vVols is an integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, which allows for an efficient operational model that is optimized for virtualized environments that are centered around apps instead of infrastructure. This lab will guide you through the introduction, provisioning and advanced features of vVols.  

VMware Explore San Francisco event recap showcases enhanced features, engaging learning sessions 

If you missed it, VMware Explore US in San Francisco highlighted many of the same core storage enhancements that VMware Explore Europe attendees will learn about. During the event, we also announced various other enhancements, as well as activities and events celebrating those capabilities.  

This recap blog post about the US event, has you covered with everything you may not yet have seen about vVols and Core Storage.  

  • A deep dive videoVMware experts discuss best practices for using vSphere Core Storage and explain the choices customers have.  
  • A trip on the Love Bus, which features an exciting discussion about how you can better optimize on prem with vVols.  
  • Podcast recommendations, for those of you who want to continue broadening your core storage horizons.  
  • More videos and documentation than you could ever imagine, to help you get started with the latest vSphere release and all the potent storage power it has to offer.  

Join us and take the next step on your multi-cloud journey today 

Even if you cannot make this year’s event, we are updating the VMware Explore page with videos and blog posts from all the VMware Explore events around the globe. Although this post featured the new vVols capabilities, the VMware Explore content does not stop at storage. These sessions are your guide to the entire multi-cloud universe. No matter what your multi-cloud passion is, you are certain to fill your proverbial cup by attending VMware Explore Europe or by exploring all the latest information we are releasing regularly.