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#vSANChat Recap: VMworld 2020

In our most recent, #vSANChat, we teamed up with VMware vSphere to answer the most pertinent VMworld 2020 questions. We are also joined by a number of VMware SME’s to chat about must-attend sessions, how to best prepare for the first-ever virtual VMworld and relive past VMworld memories. Get the full recap on all things VMworld 2020 and one of our most exciting vSAN chats to date below:

Q1: What are some things attendees should keep in mind while planning their schedule for a virtual VMworld 2020? (Tweet Link)

Cato Grace: Pace yourself. Don’t try to schedule too much. There is a ton of content and you don’t need to fill every minute of your day with it. Every other minute is good.

Stephanie Karic: Plan out your schedule, there +800 sessions! So much great content.

Elena Salazar: It’s okay if there are two sessions you want to attend at the same time…you can watch one of them on-demand later!

Q2: There are over 300 sessions in VMworld 2020’s Multi-Cloud track this year, if you had to choose just 3 to attend, what would they be? (Tweet Link)

Stephanie Karic: 3 Must Attend Sessions:

  • Pat Gelsinger – Keynote
  • Fast Forward to Future – Ready Infrastructure [HCI3074]
  • How Kubernetes and VCF are Redefining vSphere [HCP3072]


Q3: VMware Hands-on-Labs provide VMware users with actionable insights into products and services. What kind of Hands-on-Labs can vSAN fans expect this year at VMworld 2020? (Tweet Link)

Cato Grace: As usual, there will be HOLs available both for all existing products as well as anything new we might be announcing.

Q4: If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be ready for the unexpected! How can attendees learn about BusinessContinuity and VMware Site Recovery at VMworld 2020? (Tweet Link)

Cato Grace: There are tons of sessions covering site recovery, business continuity, including a few from me and my colleagues @VelineKrasteva, @shobhanL as well as HOLS and Expert Roundtables.

John Nicholson: There are 2 great sessions for SRM from @vcatograce I would start with.

Sunny Dua: Data was GOLD and now it is LIFE. With gazillions of data points helping us through tumultuous 2020, it is evident we need to protect the data.

Stephanie Karic: A great session -Show Me the Money: Measuring ROI with SRM [HCI1157]. Hear from a SRM customer on experience using SRM.

Q5: Can you give us any insights in what attendees can expect from VMworld 2020’s vSAN Deep Dives this year? (Tweet Link)

John Nicholson: HCI1276 is a continuation of a session series I’ve done with @vmpete for years. We bring 100% fresh content to explain what’s going on under the hood of vSAN.

Josh Townsend: Learn about optimizations in the data path and the fascinating details behind our implementation of file services on vSAN in the VMworld vSAN Deep Dive.

Sunny Dua: We all realize that we need to be faster to the future with the new way of life with Covid19. VMworld will help you elevate your knowledge to be ready for Post Covid life. We will talk about day 2 operations of vSAN file services with vRealize Operations.

VMware Events: VMware Hands-on-Labs fans can enter the pre-qualifying Odyssey Labs round for vSAN!

Q6: What is the number ONE vSAN session that VMworld 2020 attendees can’t miss? (Tweet Link)

John Nicholson: HCI1276! @vmpete is the best.

Josh Townsend: Check out ‘Operationalize Traditional and Modern Apps with VMware Cloud Foundation [HCP1435]’ to learn how to run apps effectively by leveraging the best of vSphere with Tanzu, vSAN, NSX and more!

Sunny Dua: Here are a few:

  1. Assessing Your Production Environment to Correctly Size vSAN [HCI1322]
  2. Deconstructing vSAN: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [HCI1276]
  3. Hybrid Cloud Architecture for SQL Server Workloads: Deep Dive [HCP1721]


Q7: POLL: What are you MOST excited for with this historic virtual VMworld? Something else not on the list? Reply below! (Tweet Link)

  • Sessions in Sweatpants🤸‍ – 34.1%
  • On-Demand Options 💻 – 27.3%
  • Well-Rested Feet 👟 – 25%
  • Homemade Lunches 🥪 – 13.6%

Josh Townsend: Sweatpants for sure!

Bob Plankers: Gonna go here: BETTER LUNCH.

VMware Events: Potential pet cameos! 😀 🐶 🐱 🦴

Q8: We saved the best for last! Could you, in one GIF, share how you’re getting ready for VMworld 2020? (Tweet Link)

Josh Townsend: Making PowerPoint decks to share with the biggest VMworld crowd ever! VMworld won’t be the same this year, but it will still be awesome!

John Nicholson: Finishing up RIGHT MEOOOOW!

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for our next #vSANChat and be sure to check us out on Twitter. If you haven’t already, register for VMworld 2020 and get 48 hours of non-stop innovation all from the comfort of your home. See you there!