Virtual Volumes (vVols) vSphere Storage

New vVols Lightboard Series

vVols adoption is growing and continues to gain momentum in 2020!

Together with vVols Partner ecosystem and VMware vVols team – we would like to present series of Lightboard Sessions discussing benefits, partner implementations, and various use cases.

Below is a link to the first set in the series with a vVols overview – and a #StorageMinute introducing the series.

Here we will provide an overview of vVols structure, benefits, and details on VASA provider, File Systems, and other interesting topics to help gain and grow your knowledge about vVols.

Stay tuned for more videos introducing partner implementations and insight on vVols in the storage industry.

Here is the link to the the full video and vVols Lightboard Series

For more information on vVols go to

#vVols is an integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling a more efficient operational model. This enables customers with external storage to connect with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), while utilizing current storage. To enable “even more flexibility when deploying Cloud Foundation, we allow external, supplemental, storage support for our customers and partners”. Read on to get the details and additional information in Josh Townsend’s blogs called #VCFacts series.