Welcome to “Feature in Five,” our byte-sized videos of industry-leading VMware product solutions, all in—you guessed—five short minutes! Last time, we video-profiled Site Recovery Manager non-disruptive testing; in this edition, we turn our attention to Site Recovery Manager DRaaS Planned Migration.

VMware Site Recovery Manager is an automation software that integrates with a replication technology to provide reliable recovery, deliver policy-based management, and enable simple mobility of virtual machines between sites with minimal or no downtime. One of its key features is planned migration.

With a planned migration, users can migrate virtual machines from a protected site to a recovery site while preventing data loss. In doing so, it enables them to replicate recent changes to the recovery site and cancel the recovery if they encounter errors. In contrast to a disaster recovery event, a planned migration stops if there are issues in the workflow. One of the central benefits for users is the ability to resolve any problems they experience and rerun the plan.

Users can run a migration plan after the site is connected and storage is available. A planned migration runs through the steps of synchronizing the virtual machine data on the recovery site with the virtual machines on the protected site. It then powers off the protected machines and synchronizes storage again to reduce the risk of data loss before powering on the virtual machines on the recovery site. Users can re-protect the virtual machines after the recovery.

In sum, users can run a recovery plan under planned circumstances to migrate virtual machines from a protected site to a recovery site in a few clicks. Learn more about Site Recovery Manager DRaaS Planned Migration in just five minutes by watching our video!