#vSANChat: How to Make the Most of vForum Online Fall 2019

vSAN Tweet Chats give you the unique opportunity to participate in a live discussion with VMware experts and ask all of your burning questions related to the topic at hand. We previously discussed tips for getting started with vSAN and how to prepare for VMworld. In our most recent #vSANChat, we turn our attention towards vForum Online Fall 2019, happening on October 16th.

vForum is VMware’s largest virtual event for IT professionals dedicated to improving the customer experience and building a better workplace for employees. Attendees get to hear exclusive thoughts from the Office of the CTO Expert Panel, attend breakout sessions, participate in Hands-On Labs, and more.

Whether you’ve never attended vForum before or you’re a vForum regular, you can learn from our conversation with VMware pros, Jase McCarty, Pete Koehler, and Josh Townsend. Together, they discussed how to make the most of vForum and what vSAN-specific sessions you should attend. Now, let’s dive in!


Q1: What is #vForumOnline and why should vSAN Fans attend?

Pete: There is great, up-to-date content all from the convenience of your desk. An important consideration for the busy IT administrator.

Josh: #vForumOnline is a free event where you can hear all the content you might have missed if you couldn’t attend #VMworld #vSANChat.

Jase: What is #vForumOnline? That’s easy! It is a free online conference that you can access from the comfort of your home or office, with access to tracks focusing on all the latest @VMware technology. @PGelsinger will even be there kicking things off with the keynote. A must-attend!

VMware Events: It’s almost like you can be in multiple places at once!!


Q2: Have you attended #vForumOnline before? If so, how many times?

Pete: Yes indeed I have. I’ve also contributed to content provided on the #vForumOnline.

Josh: I don’t think I’ve missed any of the #vForumOnline events! Always something new and exciting.

Jase: I have! I’ve been attending @VMware Forums online for YEARS, as a customer, a partner, & as an employee! So much work goes into it to bring a wealth of information & resources for our customers! (Our favorite people I might add!)

Brad Tomkins (VMUG CEO): 4-5? I lost count but enjoyed every one of them!


Q3: If you attended #VMworld US this year, should you attend #vForumOnline as well?

Pete: Yep, the #vForumOnline content can serve well to augment some of the information you get from VMworld.

Josh: Of course – there so many sessions and great content at #VMworld you can’t have taken it all in. #vForumOnline gives you a chance to get info you may have missed!

Jase: Absolutely! Did you get to every @VMworld session you wanted to? Probably not. Were you networking when you missed that session on #vSAN? Catch up on many of the topics you missed on the #vForumOnline.


Q4: How would you recommend someone get the most out of #vForumOnline and what should they do to prepare?

Pete: Well, my top suggestion is to first look and find what may be most applicable to you, and carve out a little time to focus on the material provided in the #vForumOnline.

Josh: Definitely check out the #vForumOnline agenda ahead of time to see which topics align with your interests.

Jase: Good question. Well, you have to register first. Then take a look at the agenda & prep some questions beforehand.


Q5: Which vSAN-specific sessions are you most excited about on the #vForumOnline agenda?

Josh: I may be biased, but my #vForumOnline session ‘Why VMware Cloud Foundation Makes it Easy to Deploy and Run a Hybrid Cloud’ sounds pretty great. I’ll cover how we build on HCI to create the ideal platform for private and hybrid clouds.

Jase: I’m looking forward to our #VCF sessions & labs. We’re seeing a lot more interest in VCF lately & know I’m not as up to date as folks like @ktebear & @heathbarj. Looking forward to more VCF info.


Q6: Any additional sessions or VMware Hands-On Labs that you’re looking forward to at #vForumOnline?

Pete: This really depends on the user. But definitely check out what is available via the HOLs. They are a fantastic resource.

Josh: ‘HOL-2044-01-ISM: VMware Cloud Foundation – Getting Started’ will give you a great overview of how easy it is to build a private cloud based on #vSphere, #vSAN, #NSX and #vRealize in just a few clicks.

Jase: I’m going to look into the CNA lab as well. I really need to look more into that. My teammate @mylesagray is the Master here, so I’m going to be playing a little catch-up.


Q7: Since #vForumOnline is online, what’s the best way to network and meet other attendees?

Josh: Ask questions and share your ideas in the Q&A during #vForumOnline breakout sessions!

Jase: Just like this #vSANChat, you can engage & socialize with other #vForumOnline folks using (the just mentioned hashtag) or #vFOChat on 10/16.


Q8: There will be over 130 VMware experts to chat with during #vForumOnline!! Do you have any vSAN questions for our experts?

Jase: #vForumOnline is a great opportunity to ask questions directly to some of the folks that publish @VMware content. Why would you not want to attend?


Q9: VMware just released vSAN 6.7 U3! Tell us about a vSAN update you hope to see in the near future!

Jase: We’ve always got more in store… Who knows what’s next?


Register for vForum Today

We have so much in store for you at vForum Online Fall 2019! Save your seat before it fills up and we hope to see you on October 16th.


Attend October’s #vSANChat

The topic is vSAN and HPE 101! Join the Twitter #vSANChat conversation on October 31 from 11am to 12pm PT to learn about vSAN and HPE. Come ready with questions to ask our experts!


Take our vSAN 6.7 Hands-On Lab here, and our vSAN 6.7 Advanced Hands-On Lab here!



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