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vVols at VMworld 2019 Past and Future

VMworld vVols

As customers and partners upgrade to current infrastructure and vSphere releases in their environment, Virtual Volumes or vVols are more relevant than ever.  As VMware, and storage partners continue to develop and promote vVols, the interest has skyrocketed and the number of VMworld vVols shows!

Nobody enjoys managing LUNs, RDMs, countless datastores, etc in their environment. With vVols the day to day storage operations become simple tasks greatly reducing the complexity of your virtual storage. Why have 20, 30, even 60 LUNs or datastores in a cluster with different capabilities when you can have one with all your array’s capabilities available via policies? Are your host boot times slow from too many LUNs/datastores to scan? With vVols you can reduce the number of devices to scan to just a few. Even if you do not utilize any of your array’s capabilities via Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) with vVols, reducing the number of datastores and LUNs is worth the migration alone! How about getting rid of RDMs! As of vSphere 6.7, vVols supports SCSI3-PR and allows you to run your Microsoft WSFC on vVols, no RDMs needed! Heck, you can even have a vVols datastore in parallel with your VMFS or NFS datastore on the same cluster from the same array! Subsequently, allowing you to storage vMotion your VM’s back and forth.

VMworld vVols

Interested in hearing more about vVols, see the links below to the sessions from VMworld US 2019.

VMworld 2019 US vVols related sessions:

The Industry on Virtual Volumes: Tech Panel Q & A (HBI3008PU)
Hear from the storage vendor point of view on vVols: Andy Banta (NetApp), Cody Hosterman (Pure Storage), Eric Siebert (HPE) and Karl Owen (Dell/EMC).

Tech Preview of Site Recovery Manager with Virtual Volumes (HCI2894BU)
Velina Krasteva, Stefan Tsonev, Cody Hosterman and Bharath Ram, doing a vVols SRM demo and speaking about vVols.

vSphere External Storage for the Hybrid Cloud (HCI3451BU)
Product Manager Bryan Young speaks to the future of VMware and storage.

Why should I use Virtual Volumes? A technical review. (HBI3416BUS)
Cody Hosterman doing what he does best, talking about vVols.

vSphere Virtual Volumes: Technical Deep Dive (HBI2853BU)
Govindan (Thiruvengada Thirumal) vVols Engineer and Jason Massae going into the details of vVols.

Core Storage Best Practices: Enabling Your Storage to be Reliable (HBI2751BU)
Cody Hosterman and Jason Massae showing how to keep your storage reliable.

GSS Talks Virtual Volumes: It’s Time to Step into the Future (HBI1956BU)
Brandon McFeron from GSS storage talking about vVols.


VMworld EU 2019

If you are headed to VMworld Barcelona, there will be plenty of vVols sessions to attend. Here is the list of sessions specifically on vVols. Don’t miss our vVols Industry Panel session lead by our own VP of Marketing for HCI BU, Lee Caswell.

VMworld 2019 EU vVols sessions to attend:

The Industry on Virtual Volumes: Tech Panel Q & A [HCI3008PE]
Lee Caswell, VP Marketing, HCI BU VMware  @leecaswell
Storage Industry leaders

Tech Preview of Site Recovery Manager with Virtual Volumes [HCI2894BE]
Stefan Tsonev, Director, R&D – Site Recovery Manager, VMware
Velina Krasteva, Product Manager, VMware @VelinaKrasteva

Why should I use Virtual Volumes? A technical review. [HBI3416BES]
Cody Hosterman, Technical Director, Pure Storage @codyhosterman

vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols): Technical Deep Dive [HBI2853BE]
Jason Massae, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware @jbmassae
Thiruvengada Govindan Thirumal, Core Storage Staff Engineer, VMware, VMWare

vSphere External Storage for the Hybrid Cloud [HCI3451BE]
Bryan Young, Group Product Line Manager, VMware

Want to try vVols, head over the Hands-On labs:

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management [SPL-2005-02-HCI_E]
Tim Koishor, Solutions Engineer, VMware


See you in Barcelona! Jason Massae



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