vSphere vSAN white paper

Pair VMware vSphere with vSAN for Better Performance at Lower Cost

IT professionals know that no digital foundation is more reliable and resilient than VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) powered by vSphere and vSAN. Across industries, IT teams depend on HCI by VMware to efficiently and securely store their data from the foundation to the application, enabling the enterprise to deploy agile technology solutions that deepen customer engagement, improve partner relationships and drive new revenue models. It should be no surprise then that our customers’ average an astonishing 619% ROI over five years for their HCI solutions, according to our recent white paper exploring data center modernization on the path to the hybrid cloud.


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vsphere vSAN white paper

Modernize Your Data Center

 Two core VMware technologies—VMware vSphere PlatinumTM and VMware vSAN—simplify the path to data center modernization and transform security for organizations looking to accelerate digital transformation. Together, they power VMware HCI, giving you a sleek operational model where you can manage compute, storage and network from a single tool—allowing organizations to process ever increasing amounts of data and deploy business-critical applications.

With HCI by VMware, enterprises have the flexibility to choose their data storage architecture; for example, by attaching a traditional SAN to a vSphere cluster also running vSAN or migrating live virtual machines from other datastore types to the vSAN datastore. The flexibility to deploy different flavors of storage maximizes existing investments while paving the way to a blazing-fast, hyperconverged future. And with day zero and day two automation, you can take advantage of the efficiencies enabled by VMware HCI both right away and as you scale.


Understand vSAN Encryption

 Data center modernization is important for app performance but mission-critical for the security of your data in an environment with more threats than ever before. However, a lack of qualified security professionals means businesses can’t afford slow, resource-intensive security solutions. The intrinsic—rather than bolted-on—nature of vSAN and vSphere security solutions helps overstretched IT teams find and respond to malware attacks.

That helping hand is particularly important in securing data at rest and in motion across business operations. Encrypting data is traditionally difficult to manage, especially at scale, and slows IT operations while negatively impacting security and compliance. With HCI powered by vSphere and vSAN, you get software policy-based encryption that is easy to operationalize and deploy.

vSAN Encryption is data-at-rest encryption; data is encrypted at rest both on the caching and capacity devices, vastly simplifying day-to-day operations like rekey operations & key management, adding or removing disks and adding new hosts.


vSphere + vSAN = the Dream Team

VMware HCI is so simple to operationalize because it depends on two core technologies made for each other. VMware vSAN is optimized for vSphere, and in fact, vSAN is the only storage virtualization native to vSphere. Because vSAN has in-kernel architecture with vSphere, you can easily extend your existing virtualization environment to storage without introducing new tools, vendors or hardware platforms. That means eliminating external shared storage and simplifying storage configuration and virtual machine provisioning.

vSphere and vSAN together enable hyperconverged infrastructure that is simple to deploy, high-performing and ultra-secure—all at an operational cost up to 58 percent less than legacy data centers.

To learn more about HCI powered by VMware vSphere and vSAN, download the white paper and explore the vSAN product page.



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