It seems like just a few short years ago the enterprise data storage market was dominated by HDD-based systems that used flash as persistent storage. Then overnight, flash storage became a high performance cure for the performance ills that affected disk based storage and the hybrid era was born. Organizations have since been balancing performance and capacity with hybrid configurations. As the price for flash has come down, more organizations are moving to all-flash storage clusters.

This week we welcome Intel's James Myers to discuss the state of hybrid storage and where it still might make sense. We also discuss how new kinds of media are redefining what "hybrid" means. Lastly we look at how All-Flash vSAN is fueling the move to Hybrid Cloud. Join us as we take a pre-VMworld look at the State of all things Hybrid in 2019.

Special thanks to Glenn Sizemore for cohosting this week. Glenn is a storage expert focussing on VMware Cloud on AWS.

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