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vSpeaking Podcast Episode 117: Fire, Flood, Blood

Back by popular demand, its Fire, Flood Blood. In this episode of the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome real datacenter admins to share their stories.

2:51 Kevin Tebear shares a great story about what to check before moving hosted Exchange to a new datacenter.

5:50 James Kilby and Craig Dalrymple both work in the service provider industry and share a few good stories including charred faces and puffs of smoke.

13:40 Chad Sakac shares a great story demonstrating how containers and Cloud Native can be just as mission critical as your old school mainframe and Oracle database.

17:50 Darin Zook‘s story starts with a request to go into the datacenter to reseat a memory module.  What could go wrong??

20:00 Ken Nalbone is planning a non-disruptive upgrade of his hosts with memory modules. This should be pretty straight forward, right?

23:20 Paul Stringfellow, host of Tech Interviews, explains why servers and water don’t mix.

28:24 Didier Van Hoye Shares a fun story where one of his domain administrators decided to set all the security policies to the default. What could go wrong?

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The Virtually Speaking Podcast is a weekly technical podcast dedicated to discussing VMware topics related to storage and availability. Each week Pete Flecha and John Nicholson bring in various subject matter experts from VMware and within the industry to discuss their respective areas of expertise. If you’re new to the Virtually Speaking Podcast check out all episodes on vSpeakingPodcast.com and follow on twitter @VirtSpeaking.


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