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DataStax names VMware Partner of the Year at DataStax Accelerate

VMware is pleased to announce we have been recognized as Partner of the Year by DataStax at the DataStax Accelerate conference. VMware is being recognized by DataStax due to our ability to provide unified infrastructure management across clouds, which accelerates customers’ DataStax deployments while empowering IT to run at peak efficiency managing multi-cloud deployments.

“Organizations need an always-on, active-everywhere distributed database solution that is real-time, scalable and distributed across data centers with personalized, contextual experiences,” said Kathryn Erickson, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax. “Through this collaboration, DataStax and VMware will offer large, hyperscale cloud deployments alongside on-premises applications in a simple, secure, and unified manner.

Last year, DataStax announced production support of DataStax Enterprise on VMware vSAN. DataStax and VMware customers immediately experienced three key benefits of this partnership:

  1. Operational Simplicity – Storage management is unified under a single stack, with VMware tools, eliminating silos and delivering cost savings
  2. Increased Deployment Flexibility and Choice – Customers can scale-out by adding nodes, or scale-up their clusters by adding CPU, DRAM and disk capacity. Day zero support of the latest storage technologies provides organizations to non-disruptively add capabilities, such as NVMe, to a cluster
  3. Enhanced Agility – customers can deploy DSE quickly from vSAN’s highly-automated, policy-based management in production environments on a proven storage platform


DataStax and VMware Grow Multi-Cloud Readiness and Operational Simplicity Together

In the past year, VMware and DataStax have continued to invest time and effort to build a more powerful joint solution. Recent investments have provided powerful new capabilities to organizations adopting the joint solution: multi-cloud capabilities and enterprise-grade availability.

VMware continues to invest in it’s relationships with public cloud providers, and recently announced Azure VMware Solutions by CloudSimple, which enables VMware and DataStax customers to run VMware natively in Azure environments, similar to how organizations leverage VMware in AWS environment with VMware Cloud on AWS. By adding Azure, VMware and DataStax customers can now run VMware natively in three of the top four public clouds: AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud.

At DataStax Accelerate, VMware and DataStax announced key new capabilities that further simplify operations. Customers will now experience more consistent operations and cost savings through greater consolidation ratios, as multiple DataStax Enterprise (DSE) nodes can be run on a single vSAN host. In addition, DataStax now supports multiple availability options for DSE workloads, which further reduces data center complexity. Admins can use the same policy-based fault tolerance as non-cloud-native apps in the cluster. In addition, a host of other operations, such as lifecycle management, are now consistent with other workloads in the cluster.


DataStax and VMware provide consistent infrastructure, data and application management across clouds to empower digital transformation

VMware and DataStax solutions, when combined, eliminate complexity and help organizations realize the benefits of these new technologies quickly and easily. VMware and DataStax provide three key benefits to ease the adoption of new technologies: multi-cloud capabilities, enterprise-grade availability and intrinsic security.


1. Multi-Cloud Capabilities

With DataStax and VMware, customers get multi-cloud ready platforms out of the box. With VMware, customers receive similar infrastructure, processes and tooling across clouds. VMware has hundreds of public cloud provider partners, including Rackspace, CenturyLink and others that leverage VMware hyperconverged infrastructure – vSphere, vSAN and vCenter – so that customers can have a similar experience across clouds. VMware also offers native services with the leading public cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. DataStax provides data visibility across both public and private clouds, which simplifies operations through a unified experience, and it enables organizations to meet real-time customer demands.

2. Enterprise-Grade Availability

DataStax and VMware customers get built-in high availability and failure protection across availability zones, regions and clouds. DataStax has multi-cloud replication built-in and is instantly scalable to any cloud at a global scale. In addition, DataStax scales linearly, which provides predictable performance and cost-efficiency at scale. VMware enables dynamic, full-stack policy-based management to customize availability. Customers can define failures to tolerate and implement stretched clusters for high availability across sites and availability zones. When leveraging vSphere Replication and VMware Site Recovery Manager, organizations can build a lower-cost disaster recovery solution.

3. Intrinsic Security

Finally, DataStax and VMware solutions provide strong, intrinsic security across clouds. VMware has heavily invested in security and protects against threats across ever tier of the infrastructure. At the compute layer, VMware employs AppDefense, a proprietary, AI-driven approach to security, along with Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), support for TPM 2.0 and vTPM 2.0, and software-based encryption for data in-flight, among others. At the storage layer, VMware provides software-based encryption for data-at-rest. At the network layer, VMware NSX enables every virtual machine to have it’s own security policies and firewall.

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