New VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam


HCI powered by vSAN forms the cornerstone for today’s modern data center on-premises and in the cloud. As with any structure, building a solid foundation is key to the integrity of a structure. Therefore, it is important to ensure those individuals designing and building the foundation get it right. Those with the right skills and experience are in high demand. Prove that you have the goods to build that foundation by passing the latest specialist exam for VMware vSAN.

vSAN specialist exam

The initial vSAN exam was released in 2017. VMware Education Services has released an updated exam with all-new questions covering the latest features and functionality in vSAN 6.7. Passing the exam validates that an earner can properly design, configure, and operate an HCI cluster powered by vSAN.

Emphasis was placed on creating an exam that individuals with plenty of hands-on experience can pass with a fair level of difficulty. We shied away from requiring candidates to memorize things such as minimums and maximums—details that can easily be found in documentation and online. Instead, we focused more on verifying candidates are familiar with VMware’s recommendations for design and management of vSAN clusters. Individuals who plan on taking the exam should spend adequate time learning about a variety of vSAN topics including architectures such as standard, 2-node, and stretched clusters; how and when to use features such as vSAN Health, performance charts and encryption; best practices for creating and assigning storage policies; how to monitor and expand capacity; and patching and maintenance best practices. More details and a few sample questions can be found in this Exam Preparation Guide.

More details about the VMware Specialist – vSAN 2019 (vSANSpecialist2019) certification including frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found here. Good luck, test-takers!



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