Veeam Provides Intelligent Data Management for vSAN and SAP HANA

Congratulations, you’ve decided to adopt SAP HANA. Now you have some important decisions to make that will impact your organization for years. Should you stick with your current three-tier architecture, which you’ve have invested in for some time, or is there something better on the market that benefits your business while incorporating modern backup, recovery and availability?

VMware’s Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined platform for both compute and storage that is rapidly replacing traditional three-tier architecture for a wide variety of use cases, from mission-critical to hybrid cloud. VMware vSAN, VMware’s vSphere-native storage virtualization, enables IT organizations to increase scalability and agility while driving down storage total cost of ownership (TCO). VMware HCI, powered by vSphere and vSAN, was recently certified to run SAP HANA, SAP has acknowledged that HCI is the fastest growing enterprise architecture due to benefits such as enhanced scalability and lower operational costs.

As IDC noted, comprehensive digital transformation requires data protection. [i] In February, Veeam® announced that its latest release provides an SAP HANA certified backup and recovery solution, allowing enterprise customers to seamlessly integrate native SAP HANA backup with Veeam Backup & Replication™. Incorporating Veeam as you transition your SAP infrastructure to a software-defined architecture provides your business with several unique benefits including:

  • An easy to integrate and SAP certified HANA BACKINT plug-in;
  • Provides SAP Administrators 100 percent control of the backup and restore processes; and
  • Incorporates Industry-leading performance and scalability with Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository (SOBR™), as multiple repository servers can be used in parallel to boost backup and restore performance and to scale across multiple storage systems.

In addition to the new plug-in, Veeam provides disaster recovery support for applications including SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW Data Warehouse, and SAP Business ONE; supported environments on-premises and in the cloud, including VMware Cloud on AWS.

Here’s why SAP customers trust VMware vSAN and Veeam to run and protect their most mission-critical, high-performance workloads:

Management and Operational Simplicity

  1. Integrated vSphere management. Customers manage vSAN using vCenter, and other familiar tools such as vSphere Update Manager for end-to-end lifecycle management.
  2. Comprehensive health, capacity, and performance monitoring. vSAN offers comprehensive health check, capacity reporting, and performance monitoring both natively in existing tools and through advanced vRealize Operations Manager.
  3. Continue to use native existing SAP workflows including SAP HANA Studio for backup and recovery, allowing SAP Administrators to remain in complete control.
  4. Support for VMware-based workloads with outstanding features like Instant VM Recovery and DataLabs for copy data management, and Storage Integrations including HPE 3PAR, NetApp AFF, Pure FlashArray and Dell EMC Unity.

Performance with Scalability and Density

  1. Full access to CPU sockets. Achieve the highest HANA VM density per node and per cluster due to vSAN’s native integration with vSphere. vSAN doesn’t require a CVM to run the storage stack, therefore vSAN allows HANA VMs to have full access to all available CPU sockets on each server in a HANA production deployment scenario.
  2. Large memory footprint. vSphere and vSAN 6.5 and 6.7 offer superior scalability to support single HANA VM memory size up to 6TB, containing roughly 10.4 billion records in the database, which meets the scalability needs of about 95% of all SAP customers who run HANA.
  3. Scale throughput and capacity via Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository™, which can be used for maximum throughput during backup and restore operations.
  4. Speed up SAP HANA backups with Veeam´s VSAN integration and deduplication features.
  5. Restore your SAP HANA environment in minutes with Veeam´s instant restore functionality.

Leading Deployment Flexibility

  1. Best-in-class deployment options. VMware HCI offers the most deployment options of any HCI vendor for SAP HANA, with solutions from Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Customers can choose the integrated solution that best meets their performance, scalability and cost needs.
  2. Leading Third-Party Ecosystem. vSAN can be easily extended with supported solutions like data protection and file services. Members of the VMware Ready for vSAN program, such as Veeam, deliver additional levels of confidence with vSAN-specific testing and documentation.
  3. Comprehensive data protection for ALL workloads — virtual, physical and cloud-based.
  4. Software-defined capabilities that are agnostic to storage vendors as well as cloud offerings, offering you maximum flexibility and helping you avoid vendor lock-in.


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[i] Source: Veeam + VMware: Creating Value, Date: March 2019; Author: Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC.


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