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Channel partners are hailing the availability of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on Dell EMC’s leading hyper-converged infrastructure VxRail solution as a “game-changer” that will enable faster adoption of hybrid cloud.

For the first time, VMware Cloud Foundation is becoming available on Dell EMC’s market hyper-converged VxRail solution beginning in April. The new offering gives customers the industry’s first jointly engineered, hybrid cloud infrastructure stack integrated with VMware’s architecture.  This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome back Aaron Buley and Jason Marques to walk us through the details of this new game-changing solution.


1:00 Aaron Buley and the DF Goblin Kit Car

3:15 What’s new with VxRAIL

5:00 How does Cloud Foundation enhance VxRAIL?

6:41 VxRAIL and VCF vs VxRACK

9:05 What changed with VMWare Cloud Foundation?

12:00 VxRAIL’s 3rd Birthday

12:19 Are there any advantages of using Dell Networking?

15:48 Any support limitations?

17:24 Is VxRAIL and VCF end-to-end lifecycle?

20:37 “Cloudifying” Datacenters

24:56 VxRAIL in Cloud Builder

27:15 Typical VxRAIL workloads

31:00 Where to demo?

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