StorageMinute: Easy HCI Upgrades with vSphere Update Manager

Welcome to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition, we’ll go over Easy HCI Upgrades with vSphere Update Manager.


vSphere Update Manager

Today’s IT admins understand the complexity of maintaining data center infrastructure. This has traditionally been a series of manual tasks with multiple sources of truth to get to the right update/upgrade, patch, driver levels; a complex, manual task with high risk of human error.



vSAN with VUM integration significantly simplifies the process of managing upgrades and patches for your vSAN cluster, by automatically generating recommended baselines and downloading the necessary ISO images to update software, patches, and extensions for hosts in your vSAN cluster. This means that all ESXi, driver, and firmware are available for update in a single location. vSAN 6.7 U1 also supports the use of custom ISOs and for environments that prevent vCenter from accessing the internet, there are now guided workflows for environments running vCenter without internet connectivity. For more information visit https://storagehub.vmware.com







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  1. Hey vPetroArrow,

    Stupid question, when the VMs are evacuated, if its part of vSAN cluster, will it do storage migration as well?



  2. Not a stupid question at all. Based on the Storage Policy, vSAN ensures there are sufficient copies to maintain availability. If there are sufficient copies, no storage migration is required. If not then it will migrate only the needed copies to ensure availability. It’s pretty slick.

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