The Perfect Pair: A Recap of the vSAN & vSphere Chat

Following our most recent vSAN Deep Dive chat with Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan, we joined forces with vSphere for an epic 101 tweet chat. Guests included Mike Foley, Pete Flecha, Ron Scott-Adams, Bob Plankers and many more who joined the conversation! The hour flew by as joint teams discussed the vSAN and vSphere integration with customers nationally and internationally. Topics covered included vSAN & vSphere use cases, information on the respective 6.7 upgrades, and more. Check out our recap below:

What is vSAN? What is vSphere?

The Twitter community was all too excited to define vSAN and vSphere in one sentence. Some even broke it down into a few words!  Pete Flecha reminded us of Pat Gelsinger’s vSAN definition: @PGelsingersaid at #VMworld “Simply put #vSAN is the Software Defined Storage technology of choice for the industry.”



How do vSphere and vSAN enable me to protect our business from the landscape of security threats?

When security threats are always on the prowl, vSAN + vSphere have your back. Both teams chipped in to answer this question.



When starting out with vSphere and vSAN, what are the top 3 things you should know?



What are the use cases for vSAN and vSphere?





What’s the ‘big picture’ when it comes to vSAN?


vSAN and vSphere

Future Tweet Chats

This chat was the first of many more to come! Now that we’ve covered vSAN and vSphere 101, we’ll dive into more complex topics in our future conversations. Keep an eye on both the vSAN and vSphere channels for our next chat! Have a topic you’d like covered on our next chat? Drop us a line on Twitter.


vSAN and vSphere Additional 101 materials




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