VMware Cloud on AWS Site Recovery Manager

VMware Cloud on AWS DRaaS Promotion and Evaluation Guide

Have you been wanting to try out VMware’s DRaaS offering for VMware Cloud on AWS? Now is your chance! VMware is currently running a promotion which includes protecting up to 200 VMs for 90 days for free for a limited number of customers. Take a look at all the details here and sign up now!

Alongside this promotion, we’ve published an Evaluation Guide specifically for VMware Site Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS. This guide covers everything you need to know to get going with the service as quickly as possible. Here is a quick look at what all is covered in this detailed guide:

  • Pre-requisites – Everything you need to have in place beforehand to have a successful evaluation
  • Deployment – All the details about how to activate the service and get it the on-premises components installed
  • Firewall configuration – Specific instructions about configuring firewalls to get traffic flowing as it needs to
  • Pairing and mapping resources – The how and why of pairing sites and getting resources mapped so that your VMs failover exactly where you want them to
  • Protecting VMs – How to replicate VMs and get them added to protection groups
  • Running workflows – The details of non-disruptively testing recovery plans, failing over and reprotecting/failing back
  • Reporting – A rundown of what is available for reporting within the service

This is everything you need to know including step-by-step graphical instructions. It makes a great compliment to the VMware Cloud on AWS Getting Started Guide.

This is your chance to kick the tires on an awesome solution, for free, along with everything you need to get started quickly so don’t miss out on it!

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