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#StorageMinute: vSAN Space Reclamation

Welcome to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition, we’ll show you to how to maximize vSAN TCO by making space usage more efficient.

vSAN Space Reclamation


How does it work?

VMware vSAN 6.7U1 supports SCSI UNMAP/TRIM for space reclamation from guest Virtual machines. This feature helps improve the TCO of vSAN by making space usage more efficient. Thin provisioning, in the beginning, let’s you use just as much storage capacity as currently needed and then add the required amount of storage space at a later time. Using the vSAN thin provisioning feature, you can create virtual disks in a thin format.

For more information on UNMAP/TRIM Space Reclamation on vSAN, see our previous blog, as well as Space Efficiencies guide on VMware.StorageHub.com.





VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Storage Reclamation – TRIM/UNMAP


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