Welcome to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition, we demonstrate how vRealize Operations (vR Ops) can introduce all new levels of visibility to vSAN stretched clusters.



The video demonstration below reflects some of the new features and capabilities described in “Awareness of vSAN Stretched Clusters in vR Ops 7.0.” This specific example really highlights how vRealize Operations can bring new levels of insight for better design, operation, and optimization for your vSAN powered environments.



How does it work?


Integration between VMware vSAN and vRealize Operations comes from a collection of APIs that provide a method for the systems to communicate with each other. Administrators enjoy the benefit of this integration by using dashboards already built directly into vRealize Operations, or by easily creating custom dashboards within the UI of vR Ops. Increased levels of visibility, and new levels of infrastructure analytics are introduced as enhancements are made to vSAN and vR Ops, the respective APIs.



vRealize Operations and Log Insight for vSAN Environments