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VMware Horizon 7 on VMware vSAN Best Practices

How does vSAN deduplication work with virtual desktop clones?

Should I choose per VM or per cluster encryption for VDI?

Are Instant Clones supported on vSAN?

These and other questions are answered in the VMware Horizon 7 on VMware vSAN Best Practices technical white paper.

Core Use Case for vSAN

One of the first core use cases for vSAN was for Horizon. vSAN enables Horizon to deliver fast, cost-effective and easy to scale VDI architecture. vSAN makes scaling of VDI simple as storage performance grows linearly with user count and compute demand. The Horizon Suite bundles that include vSAN provide for simpler, quicker scaling of vSAN with VDI.

This white paper provides best practice recommendations when running VMware Horizon® 7 on VMware vSAN™ for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment. This document is not meant to be a complete best practice guide on Horizon 7 or on vSAN but a summary of common design decisions. It covers how core vSAN data services impact horizon architecture as well as how different Horizon deployment topologies can be leveraged on vSAN. This document focuses on the specific intersection points between the VDI platform and the storage platform and covers areas such as cloning, deduplication, storage consumption, etc.

Additional Horizon 7 on VMware vSAN Resources

Still not sure if it’s the year of VDI yet? The vSpeakingPodcast covers this in episode 96. Brian Madden and  Johan van Amersfoort discuss this further.

For additional vSAN operational tips download the VMware vSAN Top 10 Operational Tips.

In addition to this document. Excellent solution architectures are already available at Storagehub.VMware.com.




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