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#StorageMinute: vSAN Support Insight

Welcome to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition, we’ll go over vSAN Support Insight which is a next-generation platform for analytics of health, configuration, and performance telemetry.



It delivers an innovative proactive vSAN support experience that accelerates the troubleshooting process, proactively reduces risk, and radically simplifies the overall customer support experience.




How does it work?

vSAN Support Insight is part of the existing vCenter Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). Once enabled, log information is pushed to VMware’s Analytics Cloud on a regular cadence. No actual customer data is phoned home and user enterable or identifiable data (Hostnames, VM names, subnets, IP addresses, Mac addresses) are obsfucated. For more information about the privacy and how to inspect the phone home data see the following StorageHub article.




vSAN Support Insight




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