vSAN VMware Cloud on AWS

#StorageMinute: Common UI for Edge-Core-Cloud


Welcome to the #StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition we will look into Common UI for Edge to Core to Cloud.




Managing complexity in a modern distributed deployment can be a challenge.  Data continues to be increasingly generated and processed at the Edge.  Simultaneously the move to hybrid operations leveraging public cloud resources has become a reality.

VMware vSAN helps minimize complexity by providing a common user interface to simultaneously manage the entire IT infrastructure.  From the Core Datacenter to any Edge deployments and now with Hybrid Linked Mode in VMware Cloud on AWS, even the Cloud.



This powerful capability is rooted in vSAN’s ability to address a wide range of deployment architectures from 2-Node edge deployments to multi-site active/active Stretched Clusters. The composable nature of vSAN combined with VM policy-based management enables a consistent management experience regardless of scale.

Hybrid Linked Mode builds upon the on-premises Linked Mode experience by connecting the VMWonAWS hosted vCenter to any private on-premises vCenter.  In Summary, vSAN Storage Policy Based Management enables holistic management of the entire IT landscape right from within vCenter.





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