vSAN 6.7 Hands-on-Lab

Just in time for VMworld in Barcelona, we have a pretty nice update for you on the vSAN Hands-on-Lab.

If you are not familiar with the HoL program, it offers you a lifelike environment with a manual you can follow to do some great self-enablement on VMware products.  In this case, you can run and work with vSAN 6.7 to your heart’s content, completely at your own pace.  The environment runs in our cloud, so all you need is a browser and some time set aside to learn!

What can you learn from the vSAN 6.7 lab?

Here’s the table of contents with the estimated amount of time to spend on each section:

  •  Module 1 – vSAN 6.7 Sizing, Setup and Enablement (30 Minutes)

  •  Module 2 – vSAN 6.7 Monitoring Health, Capacity and Performance (45 Minutes)

  •  Module 3 – vSAN 6.7 Day 2 Operations (30 Minutes)

  •  Module 4 – vSAN 6.7 Availability (30 Minutes)

  •  Module 5 – vSAN 6.7 Interoperability (45 Minutes)

  •  Module 6 – vSAN 6.7 Security (30 Minutes)


“Sure,” you say, “that’s great, but I speak only Russian and Italian.”

Well, guess what’s new here?  You can now take HOL-1908-01-HCI a.k.a. “vSAN 6.7 Getting Started” in 9 different languages, now also including Italian and Russian!




Simply select the language drop-down in the top right once you are in and the manual will switch to the language of your choosing.





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