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Headed to VMworld Barcelona? Make sure to check out the vVols Sessions.

If you are headed to VMworld Europe next week and want to learn more about Virtual Volumes, below is a list of vVols sessions you should add to your schedule. In addition to the sessions, there will be a few demos and the VMware booth.

With vSphere 6.7, it shows VMware’s continued support and development of vVols. For example, the addition of SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations, now you no longer need to use RDMs for your Microsoft WSFC clusters! With the latest release and more vendors adopting vVols, VMware has seen a rise in vVols adoption. Plus, with the announcement vVols support for SRM now on the roadmap, this could very well be the year of the vVols!

There is no doubt Virtual Volumes are not going away and are in fact becoming stronger! The number one reason? Ease of management with SPBM policies. Take a look at my ongoing series about the benefits of SPBM and the SPBM and vVols blog here. With many of the top array vendors supporting vVols, migrating is easy and greatly simplifies your storage management.

Undecided about Virtual Volumes or want to learn more? Maybe it is time to review what vendors and VMware are doing with vVols.  Start here for an overview and then head over to for more details, videos, and demos or Virtual Volumes. I have been working to update the vVols content on Storagehub with the latest details.


Hope to see you at VMworld, Barcelona!


Virtual Volumes (vVols) Deep Dive [HCI2810BE]

Pete Flecha, Sr Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
Thorbjoern Donbaek, Sr. Staff Engineer, VMware

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes is a framework developed by VMware and partners in the storage industry to transform the way VMs are stored by enabling VM-awareness on arrays. Virtual Volumes eliminate static storage constraints by removing LUNs, file systems, and volumes, and giving the array direct visibility and understanding of the VM objects they store. This enables a flexible policy-based approach to storing and managing VMs without traditional concerns about capability and capacity management bounded by LUNs on the physical infrastructure. Learn about this revolutionary change in the way storage is delivered to VMware environments, and how this industry-wide initiative will allow you an efficient and intelligent new way to use your storage arrays and control and orchestrate per-VM replication.


Virtual Volumes Deep Dive with Pure Storage [VIN3776BES]

SPEAKER: Cody Hosterman, Technical Director, Pure Storage

With the release of VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) 2.0, enterprise HA features now enable customers to use VMware integrated array-based snapshots and replication to address the performance limitations in VMware Snapshots. The Pure Storage FlashArray support for vVols 2.0 and VASA 3.0 enable VM Granular Storage, Storage Policy Based Management, Non-Disruptive Upgrades, and a Highly Available VASA provider, all managed via vCenter. The benefits of vVols 2.0 are compelling and migration with FlashArray is EASY!


Leveraging Virtual Volumes (vVols) to Simplify Storage Management [HCI2550PE]

Andreas Engel, Consulting Solutions Architect, NetApp Germany GmbH
Bryan Young, Group Product Manager, VMware
Cody Hosterman, Technical Director, Pure Storage
Maneesh Jain, technical marketing engineer, HPE
Nick Dyer, Principal Systems Engineer, HPE

Whether you are just thinking about how to leverage VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes or have been using them for a while, come hear directly from VMware partners on how their customers successfully deployed vSphere Virtual Volumes from proof of concept through production, deployment, and beyond. Panelists will present and answer questions on how their customers deployed vSphere Virtual Volumes in their enterprises. The session will cover why customers chose vSphere Virtual Volumes, deployment strategies, and best practices for success.


VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management [SPL-1927-01-HCI_E]

SPEAKER: Tim Koishor, Solutions Engineer, VMware

Use VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols), Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM), and PowerCLI to deliver optimized storage to applications and VMs. Manage policies in this new model and explore new vSphere Virtual Volumes capabilities in vSphere 6.5.


If you’re interested in hearing about all the new Core Storage features, including vVols enhancements, released with vSphere 6.7 check out my What’s New session.


What’s New with vSphere 6.7 Core Storage [VIN2186BE]

SPEAKER: Jason Massae, Technical Marketing Architect, Core Storage, vSAN, VMware

Examine the new vSphere 6.7 core storage features, functionality, and review enhancements to existing features. Discover advances to VMFS 6, Unmap, Xcopy, and Virtual Volumes plus other improvements to core storage VAAI and scale limits. This session will have examples of key features and functionality and benefits. We will discuss performance and space efficiency benefits with this new release.


Virtual Volumes Partner Ecosystem 


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