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vSpeaking Podcast Episode 94: CloudHealth + VMware


One of the many announcements made at VMworld 2018 was VMware’s acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies, the cloud operations platform of choice for the industry.  This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we had the opportunity to chat with founder and CTO Joe Kinsella. Joe shares what inspired him to create this multi-cloud management platform.  He also shares the concept of the maturity model where companies move from the initial cost management challenge to a Cloud Center of Excellence.   A special thanks to VMware’s Jad E-Zein for joining the conversation and sharing what this acquisition means to VMware customers. Jad is a member of VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit.

2:46 Pat Gelsinger announces the acquisition of CloudHealth at VMworld 2018.

4:00 Introducing CloudHealth Founder and CTO Joe Kinsella.

5:30 What was the inspiration for starting CloudHealth?

10:30 The Maturity Model

15:15 Multi-cloud Misconceptions

20:05 Optimizing Cloud Managment

24:00 What’s ahead for CloudHealth and VMware customers?

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