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vSpeaking Podcast Episode 92: VMUG UserCon

VMUG UserCon

With over 200 local groups and 125,000 members worldwide, VMUG is one of the best ways to learn, share and network with other members of the IT Community.  This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome some VMUG veteran speakers Tim Davis and Kyle Ruddy to share their VMUG experiences. A special thanks to Ken Werneburg for co-hosting this week.

VMUG UserCon

5:18 VMUG CEO Brad Tompkins: We caught up with VMUG CEO Brad Tompkins at VMworld a few weeks back and he shared the program’s history and current offerings. VMUG recently initiated a global call for content and the feedback they heard from their members was “more technical content”.  Brad shares the changes VMUG is making to their events.

12:49 Tim and Kyle on VMUG: As veteran VMUG speakers, Tim and Kyle share their first-time experiences and perspective on the VMUG program in general.

27:48 Being a VMUG Leader: Kyle is not only a veteran VMUG speaker, but he actually was a VMUG leader for the Indy VMUG UserCon for six years. In this section, Kyle shares what it’s like to help organize the largest VMUG event in the US.

34:50 Victor Ford: This week, I happened upon Victor Forde, a fellow IT Professional asking for tips before presenting his first VMUG session. In true vCommunity fashion, several experts chimed in sharing their advice. The overwhelming theme of the responses was “be yourself” and “share your story”. All of the comments were really supportive and it reminded me just how supportive this community is.

VMUG UserCon

While we were recording this episode Victor just finished presenting his session at the Scottish VMUG and joined us on the podcast to share his experience. Great job Victor! Follow Victor on Twitter.

VMUG UserCon


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