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GreyBeards HCI podcast with Lee Caswell

GreyBeards  published podcast with Lee Caswell,  discussing HCI stack , Edge computing, and vVols adoption. It is a great timing – as VMworld is just a few days away and it provides key takeaways to discuss at the event.

Here are the key topics discussed by Lee:

  • HCI operates at the edge – with ROBO-2-server environments, VMware’s HCI can be deployed in a closet and remotely operated by a VI from the central site.
  • HCI operates in the data center – with vSphere-vSAN-NSX-vRealize and other software, VMware modernizes data centers for the  pace of digital business.
  • HCI operates in the public Cloud –with VMware Cloud (VMC)  on AWS, IBM Cloud and over 400 service providers, VMware HCI also operates in the public cloud.
  • HCI operates for containers and cloud native apps – with support for containers under vSphere, vSAN and NSX, developers are finding VMware HCI an easy option to run container apps in the data center, at the edge, and in the public cloud.
  • Edge will become inescapable– Lee shared 3 laws by Pat Gelsinger, describing why compute processing is moving to the edge
  • VMware added replication support for vVol and there is an intent to provide SRM SRA for vVols.

Download the podcast for full details.

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