The VMworld 2018 Content Catalog is now live! We’re not biased, but the HCI and vSAN sessions are going to be some of the hottest seats of the week, and space is filling up fast. If you’re sitting on the fence about hyper-converged infrastructure, looking to deploy the latest applications on cost-efficient infrastructure, or wanting to learn from industry experts like Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan, John Nicholson and more, then we’ve got the sessions for you.

The Storage team is leading 61 different breakout sessions, 6 quick talks, 2 customer panels, and of course one cannot miss VMware showcase keynote. That’s a lot of content to choose from! With this in mind, we have listed 10 of our favorite sessions that we expect to fill up fast. Drum roll, please…..


Top 10 HCI and vSAN Sessions

  1. Must-See HCI Showcase Session on Tuesday at 11am [HCI3728KU] – The exclusive HCI Showcase will be hosted by Yanbing Li, SVP and General Manager of Storage and Availability BU, and John Gilmartin, VP and General Manager of the Integrated Systems BU. Together, they will cover how we’re innovating beyond just HCI and how you can easily upgrade from just virtualized servers to a true Digital Foundation that enables you to run any application on any cloud, while protecting your infrastructure investments.
  1. The Future of vSAN and Hyper-converged Infrastructure [HCI1469BU] – Vijay Ramachandran, our VP of Product Management, and Srinivasan Murari, our VP of Engineering, will get you excited about the amazing benefits that they have in store for vSAN in the near future!
  1. After learning about the future of vSAN, you’re probably wondering – what’s next? What comes after storage? Our CTO, Christos Karamanolis, together with Ilya Languev, will be sharing their vision at Data Lifecycle Management in Hybrid Clouds [HCI1705BU].
  1. But how do we bridge between the future and the present? Cloud-Native applications, of course! Christos will also be sharing why vSAN is the ideal storage platform for these applications, together with the one and only Cormac Hogan!!! Join them at HCI: The Ideal Operational Environment for Cloud-Native Applications [HCI1338BU].
  1. We’re halfway through our top 10 sessions. Want a place to store all this information? Want to run some of most demanding workloads on HCI? Chen Wei and Dominic Uliano will show you how you can store your data on SAP HANA running on vSAN in this session [HCI2019BU].
  1. This sounds great, and you probably want to know how else some of your peers are using vSAN in the real world. If so, then register to attend the always-popular technical customer panel, hosted by Peter Keilty, to gain insights directly from customers that have seen their work (and personal lives) improve thanks to HCI!
  1. Tell me more, how does vSAN do all of this? Learn about the internals of vSAN by deconstructing the I/O path with Pete Koehler and John Nicholson from our technical marketing team.
  1. Hmmm… I mentioned John Nicholson, what about the other host of the vSpeaking Podcast? Pete Flecha, together with Patrick Dirks, will teach you how you can take Storage Policy-Based Management and apply it to storage arrays. Join session HCI2810BU to learn more about Virtual Volumes!
  1. vSAN is really cool! Can I use it in the cloud? Of course, you can! Rakesh Radhakrishnan and Peng Dai will show you how! Be on the lookout for vSAN with EBS cloud storage [HCI1998BU]!
  1. I know this list is long, and if you lose it, just know that if you stored it on vSAN–or any other storage platform–we could make sure it’s protected to the cloud without requiring the headaches of owning and managing a secondary data center. Learn more about our Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) with VMware Site Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS. Nabil Quadri and I will teach you all about this amazing offering!

So I hope you’re as excited as I am, and join us at all these awesome sessions! And if one of these sessions happens not to be your cup of tea, then rumor has it that there will be an espresso bar somewhere at the Solutions Exchange… Perhaps even at the HCI Zone right next to the VMware booth. 😉


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