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Lenovo® Delivers Strong HCI Performance with Intel® Optane™ Technology


Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is the fastest growing segment in the storage industry, forecasted by IDC to grow at a 30% CAGR through 2021. Customers initially adopt HCI for single type, non-critical workloads, but over time use HCI to power a variety of workloads, including business-critical applications. In a recent VMware vSAN™ customer survey, almost two-thirds of respondents reported running mission-critical applications. Key to the success of HCI adoption for these workloads is vSAN’s support of the latest memory technologies, which can support up to 150,000 IOPS per node, and HCI’s flexible scale up/ scale out architecture, which allows IT to scale compute and storage resources as needed for demanding applications.



Lenovo® Announces ThinkSystem™ ReadyNodes™ with Intel® Optane™ Technology

To power the most demanding applications that require fast access to large data sets, Lenovo, an innovative manufacturer of servers for leading enterprises, and Intel, a leader in SSD storage technology, announce ThinkSystem™ servers with Intel® Optane™ technology. These servers have been certified by both Lenovo and VMware and recommended for an HCI deployment with VMware vSAN™. Customers can experience the following benefits by adopting this bleeding edge technology:


ThinkSystem™ ReadyNodes™ with Intel® Optane™ technology are ideal for business-critical and next-generation workloads

Although many current VMware vSAN customers have adopted HCI for business-critical applications and are satisfied with HCI’s performance, many still wonder if HCI powered infrastructure can handle read and write intensive workloads, such as Hadoop, Cassandra and relational databases. Intel® Optane™ technology uses NVMe™ drives to eliminate traditional controller based disk access, resulting in sub-mircosecond latencies. Recent tests performed by Lenovo and VMware have demonstrated 4x more IOPS than the previous SSDs, so even with a 50% increase in VM density, vSAN HCI still experienced increased performance and scalability!


ThinkSystem™ ReadyNodes™ with Intel® Optane™ technology reduces TCO through data center consolidation and better price per performance.

Due to the increased performance on ThinkSystem™ ReadyNodes™, customers can experience significant real estate savings by consolidating workloads. In testing, Lenovo and VMware were able to increase VM density up to 50% per node with no performance degradation. In addition, Intel Optane NVMe drives improve price performance by 37% compared to  the previous generation of SSDs.


Transform your business with HCI powered by vSAN

In order to digitally transform your business, innovative hardware infrastructure requires software infrastructure to manage it. VMware vSAN™ is the market-leading HCI solution that helps customers evolve without risk, lower TCO and scale to tomorrow. vSAN is native to the market-leading hypervisor, easily extending vSphere to storage with no new tools. vSAN uses Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) to eliminate tedious storage operations and accelerate overall IT responsiveness. Finally, vSAN helps customers scale to tomorrow by supporting cutting-edge hardware technologies, such as NVMe™, and easily scaling to the public cloud with native services with AWS and IBM Cloud.


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