Deploy, Manage and Scale vSAN and HCI with vRealize Operations

The adoption rate for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) deployments is accelerating – and for very good reasons. What you used to do in hardware, you can now do in software running on a hypervisor and it’s a simpler, scalable alternative to a hardware-centric data center.

HCI is becoming a powerful solution for organizations looking to transform their IT into an agile, responsive asset that helps drive growth. On March 21 and 22, 10 am PDT, we will deliver back-to-back webcasts with a focus on deploying, managing and scaling vSAN and HCI with vRealize Operations.

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In the first webcast, on March 21, 10 am PDT, we’ll build the case for why your business needs to accelerate HCI adoption. We’ll examine the differences between traditional three-tiered architecture and HCI, and explore how vRealize Operations with native vSphere and vSAN management capabilities helps drive up operational efficiency and drive down TCO for modern infrastructures. We’ll also cover how you can get the most value for your business by tying it to your next server refresh and hear from Intel on how to leverage the latest Intel technology with VMware software.

The next day, March 22, 10 am PDT, we’ll take a technical deep dive into the components that comprise the HCI architecture. We’ll start off by looking into the HCI management journey with vRealize Operations. We’ll then show you how to scale with full vRealize Operations for multi-cluster vSAN management, predictive analytics, capacity, troubleshooting, and unified management at scale.


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