vSAN Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software-Defined Storage

Operations guidance for vSAN administrators using vRealize Operations and Log Insight

In the data center, “integration” is more than just an advertised feature of a solution. Integration between solutions can help solve real problems, and streamline day-to-day operations for the teams responsible for the environment. VMware vSAN users have benefited from the capabilities of integration, with ongoing improvements to its collection of APIs that allow other solutions to see, and interact with a vSAN powered environment.

VMware vRealize Operations, and vRealize Log Insight take advantage of these benefits of native integration with vSAN. Both solutions include ready-to-use, prebuilt dashboards that offer multi-site visibility, and an unprecedented level of infrastructure analytics. Or, users can choose to tailor dashboards to display vSAN data with other infrastructure metrics for quick correlation. Having these integrated tools available helps drive smarter decision making in the ongoing operations and optimizations of a vSphere environment.

With such powerful tools, sometimes there is a need to get an understanding of how to take advantage of the solutions, and the capabilities of their integration. This was the inspiration behind a new guide on vRealize Operations and Log Insight in vSAN Environments found on StorageHub.  With this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The respective roles of vRealize Operations and Log Insight, and their core competencies as they relate to vSAN.
  • How to build a dashboard in Log Insight that will track network connectivity issues.
  • How to interpret historical deduplication and compression ratios using the vR Ops Capacity Summary dashboard for vSAN.
  • View the impact of capacity utilization when storage policy changes occur.
  • The basics behind customizing dashboards in vRealize Log Insight, and vRealize Operations.
  • Scaling, and upgrade considerations for vRealize Operations and Log Insight.
  • Tips and recommendations for the vSAN Administrator wants to get the most out of vSAN, and the vRealize suite of solutions.

And there is more to come! Stay tuned for more examples to be added in the “Scenarios and Workflows” section of the guide.



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