For many IT organizations security is top of mind. VMware introduced advanced security for the modern data center with the release of vSphere 6.5, and are now extending security to vSAN with the industry’s first native HCI security solution, vSAN Encryption. So how does this differ from VM encryption in vSphere 6.5? This week Aaron Buley and Dave Morera bring the decryption key to help us better understand vSAN Encryption.

Aaron Buley is a Global Director for VxRail and VxRackSDDC at DellEMC.  In addition to kicking cancer's tail, Aaron has been producing really great "Short Education Videos" (SEV Ops) with Tyler Gates and Russ Cantwell.  You can find them on the SEV Ops YouTube channel. Follow Aaron on twitter @AaronBuley.

Dave Morera is a VMware Solutions Architect focussing on vSAN. When he's not sharing the goodness of vSAN you will probably catch him jamming on his drums and guitars while sipping home brewed beverages. Subscribe to his blog at and follow him on twitter @GreatWhiteTec.

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