Looking to see how your legacy infrastructure can evolve to meet today’s business needs? Smart move. But how do you actually gain the agility needed to speed IT response times, as well as the flexibility to scale into the future — all while staying within budget and investment constraints?

For the answer you seek, join us on June 28th for vForum Online, our largest online conference where you’ll walk through all the ins-and-outs of evolving toward a modern infrastructure. It’s a must-attend event for every IT professional, and particularly for those interested in boosting their infrastructure expertise.

This free conference is still a few weeks away, but we’re giving you a sneak peek of all the sessions, speakers, and special bonuses you’ll discover on the big day.

  1. The Sessions

Whatever you want to know about the journey to modernize your infrastructure, you’ll learn it in the June 28th vForum Online. Want a high-level overview of how hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) helps to deliver complete data center functionality across computer, storage, and management? Or understand all the reasons why VMware customers are switching to VMware vSphere® 6.5 to enhance their infrastructures? We’ve got several breakout sessions specifically for these topics.

But that’s not all. If you have any specific VMware vSAN questions, you can get them answered in a Chat with Experts session and you can also learn by doing by participating in interactive Hands-on Labs

Finally, if you’ve joined previous vForums, you may notice that this one is a little different. Now, vForum Online is broken up into themes, like “Modernize Data Centers,” and “Integrate Public Clouds.” We want to make sure that when you come to our events, you are easily able to pursue the topics that pertain to you and your IT aims.

  1. The Speakers

Nearly 20 breakout sessions, 14 Chats with Experts, and 10 instructor-led Hands-on Labs — that’s a lot of learning from a lot of speakers. We’re kicking things off with a keynote from our CEO, Pat Gelsinger. In his talk, “5 Myths of IT,” Pat will play myth-buster as he challenges some conventional, but ultimately incorrect IT “wisdom.” 

Then, the infrastructure adventure really begins in the Exhibit Hall. From 10–2 PST, you’ll hear from VMware teams as they talk solutions, customer stories, use cases, and more. Next, attend the Chats with Experts where you’ll talk face-to-face with our experts on video. Ask questions, get answers, and hear from your peers about how they’re making progress on modernizing their infrastructures.

Finally, you’ll get hands-on experience in one of our two infrastructure-oriented Hands-on Labs. At vForum Online, there will be two all-new demos focusing on vSAN 6.5, happening throughout the day.

  1. The Special Bonuses

So, what is the best part of vForum Online? It’s all so easy. We bring the universe of modern infrastructure right into your own office, kitchen, or favorite corner coffee shop — or wherever it is you prefer to work.

Even though the learning is virtual, the prizes are very real. Yes, you read that correctly: We’re giving away several fantastic prizes to several lucky attendees — like an Oculus Rift VR headset and an Amazon Echo voice-activated speaker. What will you win?

If you’re aiming to increase your infrastructure IQ (and see how to start transforming your own infrastructure), this is one event you need to attend. Register for vForum Online on June 28th. Sign up today!