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Demonstrating Highly-Available, Stateful Apps on Docker

Another great DockerCon event is complete, and we enjoyed showing off the latest VMware solutions for containers and cloud native applications. One question that we fielded from a number of attendees was around how to run stateful applications with Docker swarm mode, vSphere, and persistent storage.

If you are also struggling with this question and didn’t catch us at the event, here is a quick recap of our solution and a brief demo to watch.

Demo of vSphere Docker Volume Service

The vSphere Docker Volume Service (vDVS) allows you to create persistent, highly available Docker Volumes using either vSAN (our vSphere-native, software-defined storage for hyper-converged infrastructure), NFS or VMFS as the underlying storage. vDVS provides a persistent layer to run stateful containers and enjoy the benefits and capabilities of an enterprise storage solution.

In the following 3-minute video, you’ll see how to use vDVS to deploy a stateful application, Postfres DB, so that your data remains accessible even after the swarm manager restarts a container on another node. You can also read this blog for a detailed description of orchestrating stateful containers with vSphere and Docker in swarm mode.


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