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New VxRail Hands-on Lab – Experience the Standard in Hyper-Converged

VMware Hands-on Lab (HOL) is the easiest and fastest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware solutions in real time.  With this new VxRail HOL, you can learn and experience VxRail free of charge, on your own browser and on your own time in minutes, with no setup or installation.




VxRail, the only fully integrated, pre-configured, and tested Hyper-Converged Infrastructure appliance powered by VMware vSAN and vSphere; is the easiest and fastest way to extend a VMware virtualized environment, while dramatically simplifying IT operations and lowering capital and operational costs.

You can access the lab via VMware Hands-on Lab Portal – VxRail Introduction . First time users need to register first and then can participate in as many labs as they want.

Lab overview

The VxRail HOL is an hour long session, divided in to four modules:

  1. VxRail Initial Configuration
  2. VxRail Management Interfaces
  3. VxRail Monitoring and Maintenance Features
  4. Expanding and Extending VxRail in Your Datacenter

VxRail Initial Configuration

In this module, you can learn initial configuration of VxRail appliance. This is an interactive demo and available here. This module will help you learn how easy and simple setting up a VxRail appliance in your existing VMware environment.

VxRail Management Interfaces

In this module, you can learn about VxRail manager and how to interact with vSphere Web Client from VxRail manager. It helps understand the day to day operations of your VM and infrastructure using these interfaces.

VxRail Monitoring and Maintenance Features

In this module, we will walk you through VxRail manager interface in details. You will learn about how to manage and monitor health of each node, disk drives, network etc… in the appliance. You will be briefly introduced with “VxRail market”; where from you can download and configure additional services for lifecycle management of the environment. And many other details on VxRail appliance support, node configuration, events etc. Also you can add new node into your existing VxRail appliance and experience how easy it is to scale out your existing cluster.

Expanding and Extending VxRail in Your Datacenter

This is the last module and discusses how VxRail appliance fits into your SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) story. VxRail is the simplest building block for SDDC and this module discusses how it fits well within VMware SDDC products such as NSX, vROPs etc… and mentions few use cases around VxRail appliance.

To learn more about VxRail visit Dell EMC VxRail



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  1. Wow , Great I really want learn about the new VxRail and VMware is giving me a chance to learn about this . This is amazing that VxRail is a free of charge and we can learn from our own browser with no setup or installation. VxRail is a great technology . Its provides the simple, resilient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for nearly every application and workload.
    Thanks for sharing the complete details of VxRail Hands-on Lab . Now I am going for registration to attend this HOL. Thanks once again.

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